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Potatonator to compliment 5'8'' Sub Scorcher

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  • Potatonator to compliment 5'8'' Sub Scorcher

    After a bit of friendly advise!!

    Picked up a new 5'8'' Sub Scorcher last week and was lucky enough to test have just overhead offshore waves to test it in and all i can say, FUN FUN FUN!!

    The board really is a joy to ride and puts you where ever you want with ease, cannot speak highly enough, even after one 3hr surf.

    Now looking at ordering a potatonator for UK summer time and was thinking that the 5'6'' could be the way to go. I want a board for those thigh-chest high days which allows me to acutally surf when given the chance.

    FYI; i am 5'6'' 155lbs and in good shape, surf 3+ times a week when waves allow.

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh, i have attached a little pick from the test day!!


    HAHACopy of Coombesgate.jpg

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    It does look better than snapper!!!
    Now as far as the board goes, I believe the 5'6" will pack too much volume for your weight. You might feel it too buoyant. If your 5'8" Sub felt right, I will be looking at the 5'4" more than the 5'6" (even the 5'2" if you feel like downsizing a bit)


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      That said, I'm on a 5'8" Sub and would ride the 5'6" PN. I'm heavier than you, but to the board sizing we like it's relative. I do agree it's worth looking at the 5'4" too though, but don't write off the 5'6" yet!


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        yeah I agree with prj here. good stuff.


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          Hi, Sorry to butt in.

          I'm 5'6 and 65kgs - 143lbs. Intermediate.
          The board I ride mostly in Sydney is a CI Whip 5'10 Quad.
          I also have an Aloha AF1 6' for bigger days and a DVS 5'6" old school fish. I'm thinking P'nator for a modern fish/hybrid for small days as I'm feeling a bit limited by the DVS Fish on the beachies especially.

          What size Potatonator should I go 5'4 or 5'2?

          Cheers, Kate


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            I'd say 5'4". That'll give you maximum fun. But if you want to go as small as possible the 5'2" would float you no problem and probably give you a little performance edge when the waves have some good shape.


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              Thanks for the input guys.

              I know what you are saying about the 5'4'' being a possibility, but i want the board for typical UK summer waves (PRJ you know what this can be like!!) and wonder if the extra volume of the 5'6'' (3L) will get moving that little quicker in slack waves.

              The 5'4'' only has 1L more volume than the 5'8'' Sub and i just wonder if it is enough to really feel the benefit in slack waves!?!?

              With the 5'6'' only being 2 1/4 thick, it is not a thick board by any stretch, just wide in the right places i assume to give that the extra speed and ability to plain over flat sections.

              Why is it always so difficult! to big or to small is always a worry!!


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                I don't think the 506 would be too big, just the 504 might be a little more lively under foot when you're flying.
                The 506 will have that extra wave catching ability though so its a compromise somewhere.


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                  yeah good stuff PRJ, I concur..