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  • Which Board Size?

    Hi guys, May I ask you for your advise? I am going to buy a Potatonator but don't know which size I should go for. I've never surfed on smaller boards than MiniMal but want to step down now. The volume calculator and the guys in the surf shop do not recommend the same size for me. That confuses me. My level: Surfing longboards for many years under all kinds of conditions but no experience with shortboards. My fitness: Very sporty (swimming, kitesurfing, skateboarding, surfing), almost no body fat, very good condition. But I do not surf every day and need to build up my paddle power after a break. My age: 34 My weight: 83 kg Do you think that a 5'10" would be big enough for me or should I get a bigger size? Thanks a lot for your help. Ride on!

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    I think the 5-10 PN would be a good step from a longboard given your athleticism, age and weight if you want to transition into smaller boards. I myself am looking into a 5-6 PN for really small days, I am 77 kg and surf three times a week in surf from 2-7 ft...So you can gauge which size you should get. I demoed at 5-8 PN and I thought it had too much buoyancy under my feet, my legs didn't have total control over the board. Hope this helps.


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      Not sure why you've gone for a Potatonator over a Dominator etc.? I weigh the same as you, am 40 years old and not a great surfer, I can ride my 6' 0" Potatonator fine.


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        Mate I'm 90kg and ride a 6.0 PN so the 5'10" should be plenty


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          Whats up GlobeRider. Im about 205lbs and 6'1". Ive got the PN in a 5'8". Ive been riding it for a couple months now and wish i had gotten the 5'6". The board has a ton of volume in the tail because its so wide. I got to ride a 5'3" Baked Potato and liked it better in small waves. Kinda felt like a Retro Quad. You might be better off checking one of those out if youre coming off a longboard. The transition wont be as sudden.