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Potatonator: small wave assasinator?

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    There was a first wipeout as well...


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      Hey Cuttles, You should definitely trade in the spud................for the next size up so that you can do a bit of tandem surfing with the young fella:)


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        Originally posted by cuttlefish View Post
        Oops...editing and computer getting the better of me. Try again.
        Here's my 3 & 1/2 year old taking the p'nator for a test paddle.
        He reckons it paddles like a canoe.
        Have to work on his stance to get him feeling "natural" and his back foot back on the tail pad.
        Plenty of time for that.
        The 6' sweet potato would be sup-able for him for sure.
        Buddy the next Generation!!!!!!
        Cuttle if you have the time would you mind to take a shot of the potatonator besides a comparable board you have just to see that tail?


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          Here's a shot of the 6'2" p'nator next to a McCoy (powerball) which is a micro nugget custom, that belongs to a friend.
          It's 5'6" X 22" X 3".
          And another shot with the 6' spud as well.


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            Looks like a spitfire next to the Spud!


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              Thanks a ton Cuttle!!!!


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                I just started reading this post and I think I may want a P'nator. Too many choices from the friends at FW. I am going to have a little cash and was thinking of adding an SP and one other board. How much cross over is there between the SP and the P'nator? Am I going to want to sell my Dominator? or the worst case scenario is that I by both a SP and a P'nator. I was thinking of a 6'0" Spitfire and an SP 5'6". Love all the options.
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                  Well finally got the PNator out in the water today in some nice South West 2-4ft surf.........little fat on the take off but no problems for the PNator..........this board rocks.

                  Loving the feel of it, pretty loose..........found it a little hard to turn on the odd bigger set as foot placement was a bit off every now and then.......still getting used to it.

                  When i got my feet in "The Spot" the thing just took off....i was surfing it with Simon Anderson SA4 Quad surf i will try it with the Techflex AM2's Thruster....some swell coming Friday - Tuesday this week and there are a few spots that will come alive and be a great PNator wave.

                  I really prefer this board to my Sweet Potato.............The PNator with the 6'1 Hellrazor is a quiver killer for me.



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                    Very cool. I'm the same way quiver-wise.
                    It paddles into waves so well.
                    Even with feet placement a bit off it still gets the job done unlike a lot of boards.
                    Be interested to hear if you prefer it as a quad or a thruster?
                    Should be 3-4' again tomorrow. Potatonator territory!
                    I'm happy to say for my money the p'nator is the best all-rounder I've owned in years.
                    And I've owned an awful lot of boards of all shapes, sizes, constructions and fin configurations.
                    I was tempted to make a list but if my wife ever got a hold of it there'd be hell to pay! LOL!


                    • I'll let you know how it goes with AM2's Futures.

                      I'm the same if my wife ever new how many boards i have gone through to get where i am now............she will want a lot of jewellery in return :) can only afford one of us to have an addiction.........


                      • Fazza,

                        So which board does not get ridden anymore because of the P'nator?

                        Sounds like fun stuff.



                        • I havnt ridden one yet but my king fish and quad fishes will lose out and the sp in waves over waist high. I have a dom but i only ride it in chest plus surf. Here in nj waist to chest is the common sizing especially in the summer and late spring. Thats why i got the pn though. I Want all my boards to have a similar feel. Sp/pn/dom and hf. I think its a good quiver for an east coast intermediate surfer.


                          • Brent

                            The 6'1 Hellrazor has displaced my 6'4 Taj Pro

                            The 5'8 PNator has displaced my 5'8 Dominator and 5'4 Sweet Potato

                            For me if the waves are 2ft up, fast, sucky, punchy the Hellrazor is the go........if the waves are 1-4ft little gutless, fat, wally point or beach breaks then the PNator will be the go.

                            I will keep the 5'8 Dominator as i still really like that board and take it out when its head high and in-between the above conditions........I prefer the dominator in head high waves with a bit of push.


                            • good stuff fazza.

                              I am in a similar boat. The hellrazor has taken a big chunk out of my Flexfire/Taj days, though I still like those boards when I am looking for a bit more rail...

                              I also do like my potato as a complement to my potatonator. I feel they like different enough waves....



                              • Surfed the PNator today as a thruster with Future's Techflex AM2 at a left hand point break. Was 3-5ft on the sets and the board felt really good as a thruster on the bigger sets and i think i prefer it as a thruster on bigger waves and as a quad on smaller waves.

                                Unfortunately i won't be able to surf it for a little while as it got creased on my 4th wave. It may have happened at the end of the wave when i pulled out of the back of the wave and the board got caught by some white water........was probably shoulder high where i pulled out.

                                Shite happens as they about 1.5kms back to the car to get my Hellrazor then run back out to the point to keep on surfing..............not worried about it just got to fix it after it has dried out and get surfing it again as it is too good a board design not to.