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  • Chris give us a run down

    Hey Chris i see you have a potatonator in your set of clubs, give us a run down on how it goes and how does it fit in the quiver and what waves suit it best? I have only been riding my SP and Sub my othe FW's are gathering dust, but the p-tor just looks like a fun board to have to go in between the other two boards, i know there is 40% overlap at each end, and, and should you get it at the higher end of your volume range or keep it in the middle. have always given me spot on advice.

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    yo seabass,
    yeah so the potatonator has more dominator in it than potato, but the major area of difference in my opinion is the area in the tail. this makes the board go a bit better in worse surf than the Dominator. The turn of the Potatonator is that you could ride it the same size as your dom, or drop it down a fees inches. I personally ride a 508 dom and have a 506 potatonator. I wanted to go a little shorter because I wanted my small wave board to have some added performance over my Sweet Potato.

    The Nator would make a great in-betweener for the Potato and Sub. I think because you have a sweet potato, i would get the nator in the middle/lower end of the volume range because really you'll grab the nator when you start to hit the upper end of the potato conditions. If you were dropping the potato from your quiver, then I would say go higher in volume.

    Hope this helps!


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      hey southcoaster, how much punch do the waves have?

      Do you prefer a fishier board or one that can be surfed well when it gets decent.

      we'll get you a bit more info after we flesh out your needs a bit.