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Potatonator or Baked Potato (Maybe Sweet potato?) HELP ME CHOOSE!

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  • Potatonator or Baked Potato (Maybe Sweet potato?) HELP ME CHOOSE!

    Ability: Beginner/Intermediate (a bit more towards Intermediate)
    Fitness: Average
    Weight: 175lbs / 79 kg
    Height: 6.1 feet / 184 cm
    Age: 34

    I feel comfortable popping up and going down the line, left or right.
    I've been working at getting better at maneuvering on the wave but I'm not doing cutbacks.
    Once on the wave I feel comfortable, my biggest problem is getting out and up. ( lack of paddle power and poor duck diving skills…)
    Been snowboarding / Wakeboarding / Skateboarding my entire life.

    I’m mostly interested in Potatonator or Baked Potato (Maybe Sweet potato?)
    According to the Volume Calculator my choice would be around 45-50 liters:
    BP 511 = 47,3 lit, PN 604 = 47,4 lit
    But after reading the posts here on the forum it seems like the general opinion is to go smaller…

    Demoed the Sweet potato 5.10 (46,8 lit) for 2 days in Costa Rica, Playa Grande at 2-4 feet a couple of weeks ago and it felt good but maybe a bit too floaty, I could probably go a bit smaller for easy duck diving without loosing ease of paddling?

    What I’m looking for is a really versatile board to use between 1-6 feet on different type of waves (but NOT steep/sucky/hollow)
    This will be my only board!
    Usually I surf crappy 1-4 feet onshore wind waves in Norway with 6/4 wetsuit, but I travel to good waves as well.

    Here is my wish list, 1 being the most important and so on…
    1. Super easy paddling
    2. Easy to duck dive
    3. Versatility
    4. Material durability
    5. Maneuverability
    6. Speed down the line
    7. Not over 602 feet

    Hopefully one of you guys can help me with my decision.
    Thanks / David

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    If its your only board the Potatonator is going to be more versatile. If you had a good wave board and wanted a board only for small stuff I'd say Baked.


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      Thanks for your reply, but what about size?


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        What are you riding currently? I'd say something like the 6'0 or 6'2 max.


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          If the board is gonna be used mainly in those blown onshore 1-4ft waves I would go for the baked potato. It will cover better the low end. 5'3" or 5'5" max. The pnator wil excell on the 3-5 ft area but the baked will cover those 1-4ft
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            The potatonator will definitely be more versitile if this is your only board. I would say maybe 5'10" (36.8L) or 6' (40.2). I am 175 and just got a 5'6" (30L) but I am little more experienced. IMO the potatonator would cover the 2-5 range really well. Any of the potatoes would work well as they are stable boards that have a lot of get up and go. It just depends if you want a lower end or higher end.

            My biggest recommendation would be to find you optimum volume. For example I bought a 5'11" Activator (32.9) that turned out to be too big for me. Because it had too much float I had a hard time sinking the tail and setting my on turns. I caught a ton a waves and speed was always there but the performance wasn't. The activator is a great board but beacuse it was sized wrong for me I ended up selling it. I would try to demo a board at or below 40L. If you are looking to advance your performance go as small as you can. If you just want to catch more waves go a little bigger.


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              @David, I've been fortunate enough to try all three boards.

              Below is my breakdown:
              - Sweet Potato: knee to chest high, not for fast pitchy/steep/hollow waves
              - Baked Potato: knee to chest high, head high max, not for fast pitchy/steep/hollow waves, but possible
              - Potatonator: thigh to head high, overhead max, not for fast pitchy/steep/sucky waves but possible

              Recommended sizes based on your experience level and requirements:
              - Sweet Potato: 5'4 to 5'6 max
              - Baked Potato: 5'5 to 5'7 max (option 2; TimberTek construction)
              - Potatonator: 5'8 to 5'10 max (option 1; FST construction)

              Personally I would choose the Baked because it can catches small waves very easily :D Hope that helps!

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                Thank you guys for the feedback!

                Baked Potato it is!
                Probably the 5'7 for some extra volume for that cold 6/4 wetsuit surf.
                Would like to get it in Timbertek but its only available in Rapidfire here in Europe...

                Anybody who knows when the Timbertek version will be available in Europe?


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                  Quarter 3 I think. But I'd preorder if you want one as they'll prob be limited stock initially.


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                    thanks for all the advice folks!