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5'4" FST Lacking Small Wave Go!

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  • 5'4" FST Lacking Small Wave Go!

    So having loved the 5'4'' in RF until it creased after six months in somewhat average waves at Godrevy, I decided to pick it up in FST which is starting to feel like a mistake!!!!

    It seems to lack the go of the RF in smaller weaker surf. The RF would generate speed with ease and just nip through flat sections with ease.

    The FST on the other hand just doesn't have the same small wave go and I am more than frustrated!

    Anyone got any thoughts on why?

    Maybe time to go white RF!

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    RF is stiffer and lighter. More instant response.


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      Ok, so will it be a case of just getting used to the different feel or is this likely to be an annoying feature throughout the life of this board?

      Thanks for feedback.


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        Yeah I'm sure you'll adjust after a few sessions.


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          In your opinion does the RF offer better performance in small waves?


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            I've never ridden two boards in the same dims in both constructions actually.
            I've demoed a larger RF potato and it absolutely flew in small weak, high tide godrevy where my 5'2 FST would probably struggle a little more but I partly put that down to the extra size.
            I think the FST handles wind and bumps better and feels a bit more solid on rail, whereas the RF has that lightness and get up and go. It's a trade off I guess. Technograin sounds like it could be a good blend of the two.


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              Thanks prj, I'm almost thinking that my RF PN is still fully functional (not sure for how long) and maybe I could go 5'1" BP in WRF.

              I have a 5'6" Spit in FST which goes insane in hollow chest / fun shoulder + and just couldn't put my finger on the PN in FST feeling so lack luster. Maybe it is just the lack of immediate response the RF offers.

              I know what most will be thinking, a bt of a cross over quiver but I really feel the Spit as far more to offer in good waves that it shouldn't be considered as a small wave hybrid only. For me it feels the short board slot lovely in the UK!


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                Give the PN a few more sessions, could just require a slight timing adjustment. Yeah I really like the Spitfire in average UK waves too.


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                  Have the 5'4 PN in fst and it's my favorite board ever. Give it a chance. What's your fin set up? That may have something to do with your frustration.


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                    I have 5.6 RF sweet and a friend of mine 5.6 FST. Try both a lot and found RF much better performance- speed get up and go-more responsive and better performance in small waves. Just different boards for me but this is my personal opinion....