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Potatonator in Technograin?

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  • Potatonator in Technograin?

    Hey Chris,
    Do you know if the potatonator will be made in technograin technology anytime soon? I see that has a few Unibrows in technograin so maybe the models are expanding. Also, when I was at the demo at C Street last weekend it sounded like more boards were going to made it that technology.

    I am about to pull the trigger on a 5'6" Potatatonator in FST but would wait a few months if technograin production is slated for 2013. Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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    hey meek i'm answering your question about the potatonator here so the unibrow thread stays unibrow.

    as for the 5'6 potatonator i've only had it out once but its what i wanted in a board... handles the smaller weaker stuff better then my 5'8 dom that i sold and feels more like a shortboard then my oversized potato... haven't taken it out to my usual summer spot that has more punch too so i think it will go better out there.. the sp felt like it didn't fit into the curve of the wave at that spot.. soft to get into but gets punchy/hollow on the inside when its small


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      Thanks kdropin. The sweet potato just looks a little too flat and bulky for me so I thought the Potatonator would be a good compromise. I demoed the 5.6 last Sunday for only about a hour and half but I really liked it. The board was really lose and responsive despite the wide tail. What fins do you use? I tried it with the clay marzo quads


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        i have fcs so i run the sf4 quad in pc