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  • New board advice !

    Hi everyone!

    Looking for some advice on purchasing my new board.
    To start with, the usual info:

    Age: 33
    Weight: 80kg
    Height: 187cm
    Level: Beginner+ / Intermediate-
    Typical waves: Manly and Bondi beach break NSW. 1-6ft.

    What have I been surfing so far and my experience:

    1) Started out on a 6.10" Addvance in RF technology. Loved the 'spring' feeling of the board. Easy to paddle. Nice to be able to take of on a 0.5ft bump :), but quickly got a feeling it had to much volume. Sold this board about 1 year ago. Being a beginner I did not feel comfortable even trying on anything overhead.

    2) 6'6 MR Flying Fish - Tuflite Epoxy. Floaty. Fast. Easier to paddle then the addvance but also more difficult with takeoffs. Feels very 'corky' on the water. Only had this surfboard for a few months and had to sell due to relocation.

    3) 6'8 7S Superfish - X2 Epoxy. Bought this trying to get 'back into surfing' after a few months break. Felt very similar to my MR 6'6 .. but to floaty. Impossible to dive. And still having problems with late/steep takeoffs.

    4) 6'4 NSP Fish - Epoxy. My girlfriends board.. started using it as the 7S just felt to big. Was surprised how well the NSP floated. Board seem to have a very 'cheap' plastic feel to it .. does not look anything like tuflite or other epoxy i have seen and seems to float even more. It's a cheap board and it uses its own fin system.. but so far it has been the best board I ridden together with the addvance.

    Now some time has passed and I have finally started to progress my surfing a bit .. and remembering how much I enjoyed the 'spring' feeling of the addvance when I first started surfing, I'm now looking into getting a proper FW board again!

    Just spent some time in bali surfing 3-5ft reef breaks. But I was mainly using bigger fun boards.
    I also noticed that I found takeoffs on bigger sets easier with PU boards compared to epoxy. Perhaps more difficult to paddle but the sat lower in water and got a 'push' instead of ending up high on the lip for the takeoff?

    The options I'm considering:

    Dominator: 6'4 or 6'6 .. or should I go even smaller?
    Potatonator: 6'2 or 6'4 .. with the low rocker mean I might still struggle with takeoffs on steeper/hollow waves ?
    Addvance: 6'6 .. shame its the smallest addvance size. Worried I will have to much of the volume and not progress duckdiving and getting out in bigger swell.

    Please let me know what you guys think!! Also not sure if I should go with FST or the new White RF.
    As mentioned before. Love the spring feeling of the RF but have never tried the FST. Want a 'white' board for looks.

    So to sum up: Looking for a allrounder 1-6ft for a beginner+ wanting to learn to ride bigger but also more hollow/dumpy waves.
    Keeping the 6'4 epoxy fish, so maybe more emphasis on a complementary board.

    Let me know what you guys think !!

    Happy surfing
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    Hi there SnowCrash

    When you say 1-6ft do you mean 6ft to be head high or double over head? Aus, UK, US, Hawaiian - we all tend to size differently.

    The potatonator and dominator are good fish replacements and excel in the ankle to head high range and so would be a good one board quiver for these conditions if this is what you are looking for your new board to do. I would definately go for the smaller sizes of the ones you mentioned if you are beginner going on intermediate. I would say I am an intermediate (floaters, cutbacks (nearly roundhouse), gentle reos, definately no fins out!) and at 77kg I ride the 510 dominator but could happily be on the 58 if I was getting in the water more regularly. They are great boards over flat spots but do well when the surf is of a better quality. Their upper limit, in terms of what they were designed for, is around the head high and a little over range. This is not to say you can't surf them in bigger surf, I regularly do so. I have happily surfed my 510 dom in solid head and a half beach breaks and there are guys on the forum who have surfed them in solid conditions at some best beach breaks on the East coast of Aus. However, they do not perform as well as other boards do in this range.

    If you are looking for smooth and constent go for the dom. If you are looking for more snappy and manouverable go for the Potatonator.

    If you are planning to keep the fish (which I assume you will surf at the smaller end of the range you mentioned 1-3ft) then I would personally be looking for a board to surf the better and bigger range of the conditions you mention to help to develop your surfing. I would possibly suggest a spitfire 6ft 4" or, if you want to go further, a Stealth or sub scorcher in something like 6ft 6". These boards all have plenty of foam for someone of your weight and a good amount of stabilty in these sizes but they will help to progress your surfing.

    Hope that doesn't throw to many new ideas into the pot!


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      PS - I love FST - they are so much more durable than RF and when you get into turning harder they give you a great drive through your turns.
      I personally found the FST to be closer to a poly and the RF to be slightly closer to the stiffness of a tufflite epoxy.


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        Howzit. the 6'6 ADD can b surfed in most 1'-6' waves by Hayn standards. i've taken the 6'10 out at 6'+ Lani's, Chuns, and of course Makaha. none of those waves r Pipe, but i know it can b surfed at hollow V-Land, Pupukea, Gas Chambers under 4'. i've taken the SF in the same conditions and it was good. personally i ride the VG in everything, but the ADD is probably the most versatile board i have ever ridden.


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          Thanks guys!

          For me 6ft is a bit above overhead. Not really comfortable going out in anything bigger then that yet. :)

          Think I will go for the Dom or SF in 6'4 FST then.. !!, and I'm keeping the fish for really small surf.

          Would be very keen on the ADD as I love the shape and the nose volume. Any ide why FW is not making smaller ADD then 6'6 ??, and why only in RF and not in FST ??



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            Originally posted by snowcrash View Post
            Thanks guys!

            For me 6ft is a bit above overhead. Not really comfortable going out in anything bigger then that yet. :)

            Think I will go for the Dom or SF in 6'4 FST then.. !!, and I'm keeping the fish for really small surf.

            Would be very keen on the ADD as I love the shape and the nose volume. Any ide why FW is not making smaller ADD then 6'6 ??, and why only in RF and not in FST ??

            Been reading up on the ADD and its reviews again.. now I'm thinking a 6'6 ADD would probably be a great choice too :)

            Would a the thicker/wider nose of the ADD help me with steep/hollow drops , or will it make it more difficult (compared with the more back heavy boards such as Dom and PN) ??

            If the ADD helps me to take off on bigger waves it might just be the right ticket for me now..


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              The basic rule is that the bigger and steeper the wave the more nose rocker and the narrower nose you need to use to help you to fit into the steeper shape of the wave. However, if you are not surfing much over head high it will depend on the shape of the waves you are usually surfing. A shorter board with more rocker would help you to fit into better shaped waves around the head to head and a half range more effectively. If you are dead set on keeping the fish why not go for something a little different? Sounds like the advance would fill a similar brief to your fish?
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                what RobinL says is true. the ADD is like a big fish, but its really super loose and fast mini tanker. i've ridden my 6'10 in solid 6'+ Hayn and it flys. its not a gun or hpsb, but u get into the wave really early and most times r standing before the wave breaks. its true that more rocker and less nose width r key in steeper waves, but the ADD has a lil tail rocker and keep up w most other boards. fishes r typically more flat from nose to tail whereas the ADD seems to b really built as a daily driver for those that want to catch a lot of waves wether its 2' or 6'. its tail is much smaller than most fishes. i can tell u that when i bust out my ADD, longboarders wish they had one and shortboarder wish i went some place else. i wud luv a 6'-6'2 ADD tho. probably wud never surf another board.