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Potatonator or Backed Potato - and size?

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  • Potatonator or Backed Potato - and size?

    Hi I am currently building up a new board quiver for the upcoming two years and I have few questions.
    I am 180cm and weigh 70 kg. I am surfing most of the time in France beetween Hossegor and Hendaye.

    So far I have a 6'2 Quadraflex 1st Gen. I have planed to add a Michel Bourrez 5'10 thin version for perfect days, a Hellrazor in 5'11 as a new allround board and I need something for the small days 1-3 ft where usually I use a mini malibu.

    First I really was into the 5'3 Backed Potato but unfortunatly it doesn't exist in FST. So I read a lot about the Potatonator which might be an alternative for the small days and maybe also for bigger days when the waves are fat an do not have a wall.

    Do you think the Potatonator might be good enough for 1-2ft and which size would you pick with my weight and the focus on small waves? 5'6 or 5'8 ?
    Looking forward for your suggestions. Thanks for your help.

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    At 70 kg, 5'1 Baked spud would be perfect, but you being 180 cm, I would recommend 5'3. If you are planning to surf mostly 1-2 ft, the Baked would be more suited for it. Potatonator is great for waist to head high, overhead max. A TechnoGrain Baked should be in stores shortly...I recommend waiting for that. I heard it's as durable as FST and "doesn't ding as easily..."



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      Thanks hawaii_boi. Yeah the technograin would be nice, but for Europe they announced it only in Q4...anyway good to know that the Potatonator might work from 2ft+.


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        Any suggestion for the size of the Potatonator if I mainly want to play around in 2ft waves? Would be the 5'8 the right choice?


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          5'6 would be plenty


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            Good to know. Never surfed that type of board and always had in my mind that I would need more volume for smaller waves, but if I get it right its the flat shape of these boards which makes the difference. My Quadraflex also has 30 liters but if I go surfing in 2ft waves they have to be quite punchy to have sort of fun...its more a workout then.


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              Hi I have a PN and use it for 2 to 4ft surf musshy on shore and its great. I just bought a 504 and have a 506 for sale if you are UK based I can post its mint cond..
              The boards surf really well and are easly to paddle. When its really small I run its as a twin fin with Mark Richards MRTFX PC fins. This is soo loose and fun in small 2ft surf.