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Should One Own a Potatonator AND Spitfire???

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  • Should One Own a Potatonator AND Spitfire???

    I would first off like to thank prjwebb, hawaii_boi and csarqui for sharing their insight and experiences on my previous posts.

    I have a 5'3" Baked Potato and it still blows my mind that such a short board can have enough volume to float and allow me to paddle. I bought it for the cruddy, small SoCal surf especially during the summer months.

    I am still debating a 5'8" or 5'10" Spitfire. I would use the Spitfire of larger overhead days when the Baked Potato does not make sense.

    I know that there is an overlap between the Potatonator and Spitfire. But, does going for a 5'8" Spitfire leave a slot in the quiver open for a 5'6" Potatonator to handle the knee high to shoulder height days?
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    The Spitfire will pick up where the BP finishes easily. It's not idea for overhead waves though. More waist to headhigh.


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      @prjwebb thank you!!!


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        I would say the BP and the spit are a good combo. I have a PN and use it in knee high to over head Thurso East and ok. it's pushing it a bit but she goes fine. I would add a round pin alt to your quiver and you are set for life.


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          yeah in my opinion it depends on your preferences as a surfer and ability. In SoCal i find the Potatonator to be a plenty sufficient small wave board and do think it compliments the spitfire well. also if you rip its more than enough to be a groveller.

          On the otherhand if you want to maximize the versatility of your quiver, then the Baked would certainly extend further into the small wave realm.