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Potatonator purchase, am I crazy!

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  • Potatonator purchase, am I crazy!

    So I am going to sell my Sweet Potato and Dominator as I have a Spitfire and an ELF in the quiver already.

    After surfing my SP for a while I do not like the fact I cannot go a little more vertical on waves as the rails are just too thick.

    I think a 5'10" FST would fit very nicely in the quiver.


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    Your logic is pretty logic,in your case I would do the same.5'10" look about right


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      I try to do the same. I have a SP 5.6(which is big for me) and take a PN 5.8 to replace her BUT at slow fat weak windswell 1- 2 feet SP is unbeatable.......maybe BP is a better cover low end range with more performance..


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        Yeah hwork i think you are right on there.

        You'll definitely get a bit more performance out of the potatonator and you'll be able to approach the wave a bit differently.

        as for sizing, you i think you are good there with the 510, you could likely even push on down to a 508.

        Try to get in to a shop and hold both to get the ol' gut feeling.