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Step up - 6ft plus range

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  • Step up - 6ft plus range

    My 1 to 6ft range quiver is always pretty dialed in.

    What do you ride when its 6ft plus?

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    If it’s not to hollow I still reach for the Melted though it’s a mute point since it’s not getting released.

    The Omni is a popular choice and there’s some new stuff from Dan, Tomo and Rob I believe in the pipe work that sits in the step up range coming in the next 6 months though with FW it could also be 12 months. The Gamma in LFT as a quad goes pretty sick as a step up also


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      Thanks for the input! :)

      Just to clarify, with 6ft plus I mean 2x overhead faces and up. Mostly hollow waves.

      At the moment I'm mostly riding my CI Taco Grinder in these conditions. It goes okay, but not magic.

      I find that aren't a lot of options for this range. Especially in RSA...


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        That's a tough one.
        At 2OH faces I personally try to survive, so deep duckdiving, a bit more length and a slimmer tail are key. In fat hossegor waves gamma was good. In hollowed stuff my MB is good, no true step
        Up but a great paddler and a duck diving tool, rides ok.

        Got 2 more boards recently as I didn't feel settled: Ghost and another Pu. No testing on the Ghost yet. And I have a taco grinder-like shape from Lightboard Corp, a 6'8 pintail, still unused. Don't think it's any good except for paddling into a steep bomb and making it out again.

        Looking at the FW range, there once were a flex fire ATL. The Pyzel step up (FW fst) is - was - a true tool for this, but very similar shape to taco grinder imo. Don't think an omni, skx or any other shape is really usable.

        From a taco grinder starting point you could either go
        1) true shortboardy but better waves - like with a rook15 shape -,
        2) even more classic like a gamma (Hp version), more rocker but classic outline
        3) or go the high volume / mid point forward / mire cheat volume alternative road like with a ghost, rusty slayer or lost round/rock up.... I

        think your choice depends on your waves (reefbreak, point break, sand bars like hossegor or Puerto) and your preferences (just make it, draw a perfect line, run away from being eaten, staying as close to sorry). I'll test my way through my choices. Personally I reckon the MB will be the best shot as the narrow shape allows for great duck diving without loosing too much normal feel. No clue how the ghost will fare. Hope it does well. Gamma in hp version might be great for a really advanced surfer. Good luck.

        Btw, lost Australia just released a new taj shape, could be a great tool, too.


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          Hi pillow apart from a Pyzel next step there isn’t anything in my opinion that really caters to this at the moment unless they finally release tomo hydronaught. I have a hashtag, good up to 5’ and have taken it out in 6’ a couple of times but it lacks paddle power for me at that size so I bought a second hand Dhd sweet spot 2.0 which works for that purpose. Have heard that the taco grinder is a great board for pumping Indo or Hawaii type waves, it looks a bit too hp for me though (really thin, designed for a late drop pull into the barrel type approach)


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            i would wait for the hydronaut to come out