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    I felt up a 6'1" PU pyzel ghost in the shop a few days ago. Sure looks like a beautiful design. Probably would have bought it on impulse if it was FST. Looks like it would go awesome in shoulder to double OH hollow waves.


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      Originally posted by apache View Post
      And just looking at your last post :) : the slab is a really different shape than the amigo. More nose thickness, slimmer, more tail Rocker, thinned out tail rails. Might actually work, but you'll need to go smaller than you think and the 6'4 blows up the width. A pyzel ghost in FST would be my favourite right now as true step up. Maybe they'll bring some more pyzel boards in FST the next weeks....

      thank you everyone for the advice and input. There's a 6'5" hellrazor for sale on craigslist near me. 33.5L. Maybe this is a better fit? I just went and read through the old hellrazor forum a little bit and it seems like everyone loved this board. It's in rapidfire tech, never tried one of those before. I think I might give it a go!


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        Hey Spencertron, If it's at a really good price; then definitely grab it. It's a really good board for the sucky steep wall waves you plan to ride it in. Just has enough 'step-up' in it to excel in those waves, yet enough 'hybrid' in it to get into the waves early, paddle easier than a traditional shape and very fast from take-off. Works well as a thruster or quad. Don't expect it to be a loose tailed whip-it-round type of board though as it's not designed like that. Think of it as a power-turning rail-carving fast down-the-line board. You can still 'throw' it around though, especially with it being a rapidfire. Definitely check it out carefully before buying. Make sure it hasn't had water in it as that can weaken it considerably. Feel for delamination/air bubble in these 3 areas: front & back feet and chest. Check for hairline cracks on either side of the tailpad from the back foot; although I do that on my FSTs as well. Easily fixed with a strip of ding tape either side. If it's at a price where you won't be too devastated if it snaps or creases, then grab it or try and bargain him down in price. Won't have anywhere near the same resale value as an FST. Cheers. Let us know how you go.