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  • MD 6'0 - Magic Board

    After riding lots of board over the last two years, I think I've found a great two board quiver. I'm 75kgs, int-adv surfer and love my 5'6 PN in small-medium surf that isn't too curvy.
    I spent a lot of time looking for a good wave board and tried out loads of boards in all kinds of waves. Liked aspects of the Unibrow and Nano in good surf but as with other shapers' boards couldn't find that magic shape. Wanted something that could paddle well into barreling waves but still be maneuverable and reliable.

    Picked up a 6'0 MD with JW FCS 2 fins for my last Indo trip. Had a really good feeling from the initial look the board, just a beautiful elliptical shape that holds volume under the chest but has nice refined rails. First few surfs and automatically clicked with it, waves were overhead the whole trip and just felt the board pivot really nicely off the top, paddle extremely well and run down the line with lots of speed. I'm yet to try it at my local beachie but think it will go well in those conditions.

    So, IMHO, 5'6 PN + 6'0 MD for everything (except maybe those mammoth days!). Super stoked on this combination.

    P.S Also have to add that after an issue with one of my boards Chris and the FW team were directly on it, awesome customer support!

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    Yeeeaaaah vissnz!

    I had exactly the same feeling first touching up a mini dirver such a nice simple pure board. I have a BP and gonna get a MD or maybe a slab either way its gonna be a wait until sometime in september...

    What fins do you like in your PN? Tried the MD as a quad much?

    What height and weight are you?


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      I like the PN as a quad but prefer it as a thruster....haven't tried the MD as a quad yet but would like to give it a go.
      I'm 75 kgs, 5'9. I was worried the JW med fin set may have been a bit small in bigger surf but had no control problems at all. FCS 2 is pretty slick..but the fins aren't cheap!


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        For me the MD is the best FireWire I have had. I have a soft spot for the Alternator I have to confess but if I had to choose between the two I'd pick the MD. It performs as well in good waves but is maybe a touch more versatile in marginal waves. Every time I surf it I come out of the water stoked on the board.


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          how's the flex on those jw-2 fins compared to the performance core fins? don't like a fin that too stiff love my k2.1s in pc


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            I'm not sure kdropin, I think they're a similar size to k2.1s?
            Took the MD out in some sloppy beachbreak conditions last week.To be honest, I thought I would struggle in the sub-par conditions without my PN, but the board seemed to go really well in the crappy onshore waves. The speed and pivot is so good, I'm absolutely sold.