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  • Mini Driver 508 opinions

    Pretty set on a 508 MD but popped into stuart just down the road from my place on the way home and felt up what to me is pretty much their take on the same idea...

    Looks like a great board to me but a few things came up chatting to the guy in there. He thought that the MD was probably more catered to smaller waves than their BMG as it has a little less rocker. Having felt both up im not sure theres all that much in it in the rocker or anything else really and they come out at a very similar volume. Maybe the stuart tail comes in a little more in the last 6 inches...

    He also preached the local boards for local spots and i can see how this board came about from some of the surf we often get out the front of mine and more so just up the coast at south straddie (hollow sand bank type stuff).

    He also said that if they do it in futures they usually avoid 5 fin boxes or put the quad trailers in as FCS as the futures were quite a bit heavier than FCS.

    Any thoughts?

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    Certainly Stuart make some great boards. And designed for the most part with the GC in mind. However while the pros will often get local shapers for various locations, I like my boards to do well I a variety of surf spots. For me that model looks a little bit too wide. It seems to have very similar dims to the DHD Sweet Spot model. The 6'0" MD is a board I have confidently put in the bag, car or plane and know I have waist high to DOH pretty much covered in all types of conditions. With natural boundary pushing at each end of the scale. That said - I must be honest an say I am looking at a V4 to replace it as a more HP good condition board. It's just time for a change to freshen up the approach.


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      Oh - and it does also look like tail on the Stuart board really pulls in towards the end. Bear in mine that it has come from a much wider point as well.


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        The stuart is slightly thicker (1/8") and does look like its got a slightly forward wide point (the width for both 5'8s is 19" on the online dims).

        What are the cntours like on the MD? The stuart had a single blended into a mellow double,

        I imagine theyre very similar to be honest. Im leaning towards the MD as its in FST and also as you say, i want a board that will go in a wide variety of conditions (im sure the stuart does too...). Interesting to compare them and get a bit of perspective though. Im hoping that as its been out a while there will be one in one of the local shops that theyre willing to do a deal on...


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          The MD is the same type of subtle single to double. Very subtle. The FST construction can be such a deal maker. Otherwise I would have bought a JS Forget Me Not rounded pin months ago

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        You wouldn't go wrong on either would you. The MD goes exactly as it is described on the website and I can guarantee that when it gets big and sucky it holds very well.


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          I like the look of the Stuart but I would say it's more like the rock up than the md. I had a rock up but always preferred the mini. as Sarge says the md can be chucked into a bag and you are set where ever. The subdriver is a md with a nice good old squash tail but the mini takes it In the tube.


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            The md definitely holds well in big surf. I surfed my 5'8 in solid 8-10 foot waves. And I was making drops that most were getting nailed on. It's a good board that worked well in baca breaks as well. As long as it was hitting a bank with some push.


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              Yeah Nelson hard for me to differentiate without having ever seen the board that you are comparing the Mini Driver to and everyone certainly has varying opinions when it comes to boxes and such. Definitely nothing wrong with mixing the two, though we find with the way things are sold it makes more sense to be consistent and offer a board with all FCS or all Futures. I understand what he is saying though totally.

              I think given that you have the opportunity to hold both, you are in the optimal position to make the best decision. What I can add, is I know that Matt Biolos and his team riders were the ones that contributed to the end result when it comes to the Mini Driver and so you can expect its performance would suit someone with high expectations.

              Cheers and good luck


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                Im fairly sure that theyre pretty similar boards... And to be honest i think i want another FST anyway... Just fine tuning quiver planning now!


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                  You think i could go a 506? Theres one on gumtree...


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                    its a decent drop in volume and 2" in length, while by no means enormous, is pretty noticeable so if you drop down, just make sure you are comfortable with the changes and that the 508 specs afford you so room to shave volume/length...


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                      Felt up a 506 and 508 i think the 508 would be the wise choice and probably the best all round. I also felt up a few pyzel slabs in PU and also handshaped epoxy with carbon "stringers" on top and bottom.

                      MAN this is a really nice shape. I can see myself ending up with both once the stab is out in FST...


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                        Being a tight fisted git i have waited it out and finally a desirable board has appeared at a reasonable price! Demoing a 508 MD tomorrow morning, hopefully hold on to it for a few days.

                        Have put in my rastovich quad and darc drive little center fin which looks like a good setup for the board. Most people say they like best as a quad. Will also hopefully try as a thruster. The shop is clearing out a few demos so will sell it at a reasonable price if i want it!

                        Depending on howw i go may also demo a 508 pyzalien. Lined up 508 pyzalien, slab and mini driver together and dont tihnk i could go wrong with any of them to be honest but the ex demo MD is obv a nicer price...


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                          Bought the 508 MD, as new $550 :D totally stoked, had a great test drive she was getting into 2fters fine and realy shining on the sets. So much hold and felt very clean and drivey... Slid perfectly into a lovely low tide sandbar barrell old mate dropped in on me but i wasnt even mad... Many good times ahead with this board i think! Drop down to 25.3L from 27.5 509 CC felt fine still paddled well, still caught waves, duck dived a lot better, felt better up and riding main difference was just how low i was in the water sitting on it...!