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Pile Driver. What`s up?

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  • Pile Driver. What`s up?

    Hi, wondering whats going on with the pile driver?

    Doesn`t have an own section on the forum. (even if later models does) Doesn`t show on the board compare. It`s not up on Lost`s homepage....
    Also somte cryptic info that it has more rocker than the mini driver, even if the desciption say it should be the same.
    I find this board very interresting, it will proberly be my next one, but we need some info please...

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    a little more tail kick than the mini driver which has a low exit rocker. it's a FW only model and can only be ordered otherwise as a custom through lost so there isn't a lot of info out there.
    it looks like fun to me and i know chris really like his. he said it's a lot more snappy in the pocket than the mini driver which sounds good as i felt the mini surfed a little too safe and smooth for my liking.


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      Yep I found it OK but pedestrian too (like the Alt) ... good to know the PD departs from this.

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    Thanks for answering.
    How is the rocker on pile driver compared to hellfire?
    It would be good if rocker showed on the board compare...


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      Hi coreyh - check out this thread on the Pile Driver too:

      - FIJ


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        Hey Corey,
        Yeah so the PD dynamic is a little different. In the recent years with boards getting shorter wider and flatter, generally speaking, i have become ultra sensitive of the relationship between rocker and the perception of speed on a wave. To me there is a delicate line between functional rocker for my riding style (and the waves I surf) and a touch too much so that you feel like a little of that drive is gone.

        The Pile Driver is a great board so long as the wave has just a little extra punch. I was ultimately a little surprised how much i noticed the tail rocker and felt like I had less speed coming of the bottom on average waves in SD county. Compared to the mini-driver it offers more control in a vertical spot, a shorter arc, and is easier to really bury the rail. But if you love the Mini Driver, i am actually going to venture a guess that you'll have the same feeling as me, good board, but it feels like I might be missing something. I feel the mini driver more efficiently maintains speed from one maneuver to the next because of the tail shape and overall rocker profile/foam distribution.

        Look to the PD if you want a board that is easier to hook and one that will definitely feel different than your MD, a bit slower, through that may not be a bad thing in the right conditions.

        The Hellrazor and Hellrazor 2 are actually two insanely good options too. I found them both to be faster in comparable conditions, but with a higher performance ceiling that a chunkier hybrid.

        Overall PD is a fun board, its just not as fast as one might think looking at it on paper. Go with it if you like a rockered feel to your hybrid, or pursue something else if you like that effortlessly fast feeling.



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          I agree with Chris you really notice the tail rocker. But so far I haven't had any issues with a lack of speed. I quite like it. It's definitely loose but the width gets it up and planing pretty quickly. I've now surfed it 4 times and mostly it was in waist high and below waves. No dramas.


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            Buzzy how's it compare with the Uni?


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              Originally posted by 50young View Post
              Buzzy how's it compare with the Uni?
              It's a little early to tell as one day aside I've only had the PD out in small waves. I can definitely say the PD has a lower low end at the same length. And it does feel just a touch looser than the UB. That's ll I can really say at this point.


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                Just to peddle back to the question of how it compares to the UB - I've sold the UB. To elaborate - the UB remains a great board. It's a fantastic fit surf every day surfer's small to small/medium wave board. But it don't surf that often. I'm 48. I surf just weekends in winter and 4 days a week in summer mostly for hit and run one hour sessions. The PD is a touch wider. It has a bit over a litre extra volume over the UB. It's right on the sweet spot for me in small waves. I think the PD is looser but the UB a bit drivier. Essentially though both boards cover much the same wave range for a surfer if a similar weight and fitness. Much will turn on preference and how it fits in with other boards in the quiver.