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Mini Driver Versus the Unibrow....

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    thanks man... leaning towards the 5'10.. thanks for the pics. yeah its tough to make out the domed deck firewires are sooo white.. seems like most are riding it 2" up from their dominator.. like the grey firewire emblem too..


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      hey RobinL!

      Thanks for the pics! whats your findings on the whole surface area vs volume thing? i kind of missed out on what you meant.... Is more surface area better? Im an Ex swimmer and paddling has never been an issue(riding a shorty or a hybrid), but im worried that i go too small on the UB, as it does pack quite a bit of volume, but has sufficiently less Surface area than my current boards... Volume=paddle power......surface area= planning area/stability at low guessing??


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        Hey luismx,

        I completely agree with:
        Volume = good paddle
        Surface area=stability and a little extra paddle

        So, i used to surf a HP shortboard at around 30l. However, ive not been getting in regularly for a couple of years now and found my wave count dropping unless it was pumping. i found the solution in the dominator, which has a high volume and relatively low surface area I found I could fit the smaller length/area into the shape of a wave like I used to when I was surfing better a few years ago without losing out on paddle-ability. However, for me the tail always felt a bit too stable when the waves had a better shape. So I got a stealth to fill that niche. I bought a 62 stealth, which is the same volume as my Dom but 0.4sq ft larger and i have really noticed how much harder i find it to surf with the larger surface area. It paddles really well but always felt like too much board to manouver quickly. Ideally i would have been on a 60 but i would have struggled with wave count. I think the greatest thing about the UB is I can keep a similar volume, so it paddles really well, but lose some surface area so it has less stability and will turn on a dime.


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          Sorry about the waffle in the last post. Bit late at night for me to make sense.

          So in short I love the combination of higher volume to lower surface area in the UB.

          - Easy to duck dive due to the narrower shortboard shaped nose giving a lower nose surface
          - easy to put on rail due to the domed decking giving way to quite thinned out rails - giving
          it a low stability feeling like a HPSB
          - higher volume under the chest from the domed deck and quite thick nose making it easy
          to paddle
          - decent surface area in the tail and mid-point so quite good at planing and maintaining
          speed in smaller surf.

          I understand your concern about the temptation to go too small which might mean, althought it paddles well, it loses some of that lower end grovel ability through reduced surface area. When i test rode the 510 (30.5l - so 3l smaller than any board i have ridden in 3 years) I did not find that I lost out in terms of planing area as the tail and mid-point have a decent width. So even in smaller surf (waist high) it surfed remarkably well in the less powerful conditions. As a result, I nearly went for a 510 despite it being 3l smaller than my other boards (in the end I chickened out and bought the 60 (33l), which I will surf for the first time tomorrow). I definitely would have gone for the 510 if I was surfing regularly. It would not have bothered me going down in size as it still surfed the small waves really well. However, as the 60 does not jump up much in surface area from the 510 (same nose and tail dimensions) but carries more volume I am hoping i will gain more paddle power without losing much performance.

          I will report back on whether i made the right decision on Thursday after hopefully a good 5-6hrs in the water.
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            had a chance to feel the 6'2" MD and 6'0" unibrow together yesterday (almost the same volume) . It's a lot clearer to me why the MD rides the way it does when I look at boards beside it. The tail looks like a step up to me and it indeed rides like this in a lot of ways. When it gets bigger and the power is on the MD can't be beaten. I'm still deciding if I really do need something that will go better on the more "average" days and just keep the MD for a step up.
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