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Mini Driver Versus the Unibrow....

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    Unibrow review video posted on - UK


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          Is that snow in the background? The place has more of a snowboard shop vibe. What are they doing selling surfboards? :)

          Thanks RobinL.


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            Freezing cold spring here so far this year so it might well be snow! Feels like January out there!
            Easter weekend last year it was 20degrees C (late 60s for those of you state side). 4 degrees C this year with a wind chill of -2. Definitely sticking with the hood!

            On the plus side surf looks epic!


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              Hoping to test ride a sub s and a unibrow and have a look at the CC MD UB and SS next to each other at the weekend so will definitely take some pics and feedback for the forum.


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                So, test rode a unibrow 510 this evening as a quad (SF4). It was waist to shoulder high and clean groundswell.

                At 3litres less than my 510 Dom, which i would normally take out in these conditions, I thought I'd struggle to get waves. Not at all, it paddles well. Obviously not as well as my Dom but v well considering its much lower volume and nose width.

                It needs more work than the Dom and certainly doesn't give you the same speed on the take off but once i was up and riding it responded really well to my efforts to generate speed from the fins and I found myself going fast for the size of waves and my ability.

                Rail to rail
                Really smooth and easy to put on a rail. Nice and pivotal too. i was surprised at how well and steeply it managed to climb the small faces. The rails are sharp by the fins but they soften out very quckly after that. I think if you are used to a more HP board it will feel harder to bury a rail and get grip from them. it may feel a little lacking in drive and grip in better waves. Coming off a Dom though it feels much sharper and much more pivotal.

                I only surfed it for an hour but I absolutely loved it! I think it will fit perfectly between my Dom (up to shoulder high) and Alt (head and a half up). The only quandary now is what size? I was pretty sure I would go for the same volume as my Dom (60 UB 33l and 510 Dom 33.5l) but I had so much fun on the 510 at 30.5l I might end up ordering a 511. If I was lucky enough to surf regularly I have no doubt I'd buy it in the same length as my Dom but I'm only getting in a handful of surfs every few months at the moment so may go for a little more volume to compensate.

                Hoping to surf again in the morning so I will add any new ideas which come to me and whether I end up buying one!


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                  good feedback.. the 5'10 feel too bulky at all?? how would you rate your ability?
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                    Hey Kdropin,

                    Id say im intermediate. cutbacks floaters and reos. not fins out and more 1030-11oclock on top turns rather than 12 if you get my meaning. However, I would say I am experienced in terms of the number of boards I have owned/surfed.

                    Not too bulky at all. I test rode a 60 sub scorcher on saturday which felt really bulky (32.5l) but the 510 UB (30.5l) felt great. I think the fact that the foam is all in the centre of the board stops those rails feeling bulky. I think this board could be ridden smaller than you first think when you look at it on paper.


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                      thanks a 5'10 might do it then for me. . the 2.5 thick is what worries me a bit having not seen the board in person.. but from what i have read its along the center and not so much towards the rails.. tough call on the 5'9 or 5'10
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                        My new UB!


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                          UB 2.jpg

                          Went for the UB in the end over the MD (both in 60) really like the look of the MD though but definately a narrower tail which I hoep the photo shows.


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                            what size did u get? 6'0? can u give a rail shot? want to see a side profile of the domed deck


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                              Went for the 60.
                              Realised that the nose and tail dims are the same on the 510 as they are on the 60 and they looked (except for the length) exactly the same side by side. Under the arm though you can feel the difference in volume in the middle. at the end of the tail they feel exactly the same but by the time you get between the side fins (thruster) you can just notice the volume increase on the 60 over the 510.
                              As I'm not getting in the water much and the surface area (which i have begun to realise is more important than volume having ridden 5 different firewire boards this weekend from 7.1sq ft to 7.8sq ft and volumes 30.5l to 34.7l) and volume are almost exactly the same in the 60UB to the 510Dom I think it will work well for me. The plan is also for the UB to take the place of my dom from waist to shoulder high waves. If i had wanted more of step up i would have gone shorter and then the transition would have been in the head high range. I could definately have gone for the 510 though if I surfed regularly.
                              I will try to get some rail shots on here later on.
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                                UB tail.jpgUB tail 2.jpgUB tail 3.jpg

                                Hey Kdropin,
                                Crappy weather today which means that I can't seem to get a good representation of the domed deck in a photo.

                                I have tried to get one which shows the rail thickness (or relative thinness) through the tail in the first photo. To be honest it looks a little thinner in the photo than it does in reality. It is however quite refined like a shortboard.

                                Then the second (from the side looking toward the nose) shows that the middle holds its thickness to the nose quite well despite being narrow (similar to my alt). This is also accentuated in the photo which makes the nose look thicker than it is. You can also just see the doming if you look at the F of the firewire logo as it curves down to the bamboo on the rail.

                                The video I posted before ( gives you a much better idea of the domed nature of the deck that I can capture in a photo.
                                Hope they are of use.
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