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  • Mini Driver?

    Hi all I am trying to decide what size md to get. I weigh 155 pounds and am 5'11 and of intermediate ability. I live and mostly surf in Sydney Australia.
    I am looking for a board that will take over where my fish leaves off and before I go for my regular short board in 3-5ft waves. I also want this to be a good Indo board which I believe it to be. Given my weight and ability what side would you recommend I was thinking a 5'10? Also will this board handle the mushy days or is it for good waves only?

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    It's a better wave board but it does have a good low range. Stomach to overhead I'd say as low as its not gutless slop.
    Depends what volume you're used to. I'm a little heavier and on the 510 in thicker wetsuits.