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Minidriver or Michel Bourez?

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  • Minidriver or Michel Bourez?

    Hi, i am looking for a board to complete my quiver, i am intermediate surfer, 5'10 tall, 167 lbs, and actually have a DOM 5'10 and a stealth 5'10, i live in the north os spain and i use the dom during the summer and the stealth for everydays, now i want a third board for good conditions, 3-5 foot range. First option i like is MB 6,2 thin, the second a Mini driver 6,0, pro and con of the models? what kind of waves do you think are these boards for? Finally, i have seen the Firewire LSD, when is going to be able to order? sorry about my english... thank you!

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    My take would be the Mini Driver is going to like more down the line surfing through tubes and more wrapping carving turns. The Michel Bourez model is going to surf a little more progressively, releasing the tail easier.
    I haven't surfed the Mini Driver much but those were my first impressions.
    I'd consider the 600 thinner Michel model, I think the 602 will feel a little big.


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      Thank you! I will ask for the disponibility at my surf shop.
      There is no date for the new model LSD yet?


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        Hi - Im also considering making a purchase between one of these.

        Thinking of a 6'2 mini driver at circa 33-34 litres or the 6'2 MB at circa 32 litres. I need something for the winter with the waves getting a little better and my paddle power getting better. If you see my other boards they are around 37 litres and were bought around the t8ime i was 4-5 kg heavier and just moving down from a long board.. im now around 80kg (34 and 5'10).

        Have been surfing for about 3 years but in the last 6 months ive been going 4-6 times a week.

        Any suggestion on which would be better? what waves each suits?

        Wish i had purchased the Activator at 6'1..... its a great board..

        Boards -

        6'3 Activator

        6'4 Pod
        6'6 Red Beauty
        6'4 Flyer F
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