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F1 compared to an MB

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  • F1 compared to an MB

    I had an FST F1 6'3" 29.7L. Great board! Could ride it in good SoCal to solid Cloudbreak. How does an MB compare? Also, what size would be best for me? I'm an intermediate/advanced surfer 5'9" around 175-180. I'm thinking about the thinner 6'0. How does it paddle? It would be my good wave board for head high SoCal. Thanks!

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    old post, but in case anybody else is wondering same thing. I had a 6'5 F1, and 6'6 thin MB, and can't think of any area where I don't think the MB is better. Steep drops, turns, paddle. Maybe the extra paddle was from the extra inch and 0.5 liters, but I think the F1 doesn't have enough foam right under the chest and just doesn't seem to move too well. Looking at the specs (wider nose, narrower tail, less rocker) the F1 was my dream board on paper, but it was a dud for me. I prefer the MB and 6'6 wide flexfire to it, hands down.


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      In good solid waves I don't think you can touch the MB. That extra forward volume gives you that paddle power when you need it most and the pulled in tail holds really well into a face that's drawing a lot of water. The relaxed rocker also allows the board to remain drivey in flatter sections. Off the top it feels loose but not overly so. If your going to Indo or surrounding areas I'd highly recommend it. A very well designed stick. Thanks Nev