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5'10 Thick v's 6'0 Thin

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  • 5'10 Thick v's 6'0 Thin

    I have ridden the 6'0 thick version and was way too big
    If i was to ride another MB what would be the recomended board size
    The 5'10 thick or the 6'0 thin
    What does everyone think would be the major difference in the ride
    What would be easier to turn
    You've ridden both Chris
    What do you think
    I'm 82 kg and moderately surf fit

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    Hey Wandi,
    actually you can definitely go both in my opinion. I have ridden both and I like them both. My style and stance, however, has left me choosing the 600 thin because in a HP shortboard like that, I like having the extra rail. Given that you ride the 510 Hellfire, I would encourage you to go with the 600 Michel because it will give you longer rail performance which means more control and power in better conditions.

    Cheers and hope this helps!


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      Does the 5'10 thick version have the same chunky rails like the thicker 6'0
      Also which board is easier to turn
      If you have time maybe compile a list of advantages and disadvantages of each
      (only if its not too much trouble)
      Just trying to pick your brain
      Thanks heaps for your help Chris


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        yeah the thicker versions carry the volume a bit more to the rail. I personally find the 600 better for turning because I surf this board in better conditions and for me, the added length give me more surface area and keeps the board from biting too deep and bogging. even a short thick board can bog in on-rail maneuvers because there isn't enough rail to support a certain carve. That is what i found and its why I have been preferring the 600 thin. Performance and control in good surf!!!


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          I think if you are, say, 5'8" tall and 80kg I'd be leaning towards the 510 thicker, if you're 5'10"-6'0" I'b be looking at the 600 thinner. Simply because I think the 600 might feel longer than you'd expect with it's slightly wider nose and tail than say a flexfire of the same length because you've got a straighter rail line. If you're quite a bit shorter than the board if might surf a little long for you.
          I haven't ridden the MB, but my CBD is based on the thinner 6'0" and that's just my take.


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            You want it longer than your hellfire for sure like Chris said.I ride the hellfire in 5'8 and got the thin 5'10 and it work great or wait a bit and check what are the option in the cbd(when available)you might be able to get a 5'11 or put the 6'0 in 5/16.


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              I would sort of disregard the fact that i have the 5'10 Hellfire
              I could have gone smaller in this and spends more time in the garage than the water
              I do surf the 5'8 Dom in anything and everything at the moment if thats any help
              Probably my all time favourite board
              Prjwebb.... I stand at just under 6'0
              Thanks for your your feedback
              I'm leaning towards the thinner 6'0 MB at the moment
              Also Chris which board did you find to be faster
              I'm guessing from your feedback the 6'0
              Seems like those thinner rails would be easier to make that rail to rail transition
              It seems like it could be close to the 6'2 Taj
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