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    Is the deck domed down a bunch? Because I want to pick up the 600 thik or the 602 thin and if the rails go thin on the 600 I will go with that because I'm really digging a shorter rail line.. I'm 6'0 180 lbs after wetsuit.. Good call for semi hollow Canadian west coast beach break?? Thinking 3-7feet

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    Hi been able to see both thick and thin and the thick bring a bit more volume to rail but in both version the rails are pretty boxy anyway. I went with the thin 5'10 (5'8 150lbs before suit) and tried it once in oregon in good size beach break and it paddle really good and rides awesome. hope to get to try it soon again but you know how it can be on the island sometimes...;) i'll let you know next time i try it.


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      Oh nice so do you think the 6'0 model would be better for our usually less than perfect waves? As long as the rails taper down I should be fine with the extra volume


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        Whats you skill level and fitness? What are the other board you are riding? You just surf north island or south as well? You might be able to go with the thin 6'0 if its for good waves or go with the thick 6'0 if its your only board. I have my 5'8 hellfire when its less than perfect and take the bourez when it get better.


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          good feedback Bergie!!

          Yeah i think it would be a function of skill for sure!


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            I'm intermediate to advanced, and am at peak physical condition I have been riding a 6'2 2'3/8 alternator as my short board and am really digging that thickness for the rails.. Im an aggressive surfer and don't mind extra volume as long as the rails get thin


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              If i were you i will forget about the 6'2 as it will be pretty close of you alt and go between the thin or thick 6'0. The board paddle awesome and have an easy ride.I just tried it in head high+ punchy beach break once. According to your skill and fitness i will check for the thin at 27.7L as this board is meant to be ridden agressively(its not Bourez model for nothing).But if you are really agressive and powerful and know how to dig a rail thick will work for you.