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Is the Bourez board for me?

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  • Is the Bourez board for me?

    Hi all
    This is my first post on this forum and I'm afraid I'm gonna ask a familiar question, so itís with slight guilt and the feeling that I'm being a bit of an annoyance that I ask: Anyone got any feedback on the Michel Bourez 6'2" thick version? Ha ha. I think this is the board for me but I can't find any way to view it before buying it..
    I am 6'3" and 88kg-ish and have a 6'0 Spitfire and a 6'4 shortboard. Since getting the Spitfire last year I've really noticed that 6'4 is too much board (I've been slowly coming down in size from riding 6'8"s over the last 15 years or so, so it's been a natural transition) and feel I'm really close to knowing what board I need after many years of slowly realising I can go shorter. Even the 6'0 has felt a bit too long at times, especially in quality surf, so I've actually sold the Spitfire to fund this new board and hope to raise the cash for a new hybrid later in the year.
    Sorry, I've written more than I intended, so I'll wrap up. Basically I would say I'm at the bottom end of advanced, have surfed for 25 years, and my act is based around the bottom turn top turn, big cutties and aim for smooth carving, I like fins-out moves but I'm not a tricks kind of guy. I love Michel Bourez's surfing, and as a goofy it's Occy and Luke Egan who I've tried to mould my surfing on. Does this sound like the Bourez board would work for me?
    Apologies for the life history and all the questions.

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    I'd be considering the thicker 6'0" or the thinner 6'2". I think the thicker 6'2" might be a little too much foam for you.

    I'll leave corepersonaltraining to chime in as he has experience with both the thicker and thinner 6'2"s.


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      yeah that would be my recommendation...i've only had the thin one in the water three times and the waves didn't let me open her up (i'm paying for 5 months straight of daily solo perfection) so my full report is still outstanding...(although the few individual full tilt turns i've snuck in were lightening fast and critical with easy recovery thanks to the rocker) ..the 602 surfs "long" as it has a full nose which lengthens the rail line..(there's your cutty's sorted.!)...i could do with a 6' at 6'3 will probably fit the 602 well...i would leave the thicker version to the heavy weights....its volume is well hidden and the rails are full hi-perf but i'm finding at 90kg the thin version a better fit...if you have short legs like occy or a narrow stance you could look at the 6'0 too.....dont feel bad about lots of questions...keep em coming mate....


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        Thanks guys

        Yeah I can see the thinner version could be better. It's hard to shake the (naive) notion from my head that I want this board to work in everything though, which I guess the thicker version might. The other thing is I've only seen the 6'2" thick version available here in the UK, possibly because the retailers think the thin wouldn't work in our often gutless waves but probably because it seems the retailers are quite scared about having HP boards in stock because they don't sell so good compared to the hybrids. Interestingly the Bourez has FCS set-up here,which confused me because I read it would only have Futures because he's a team rider - how did that come about? I actually quite fancied a change to Futures because I'm sick of snapping FCS fins, I've lost faith in them. I can see having it in FCS is good for the majority though, I was just a little surprised to see it.
        Thanks for the feedback though.


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          thanks for the words folks!


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            Chris, new here...sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this. anyway i'm looking to pick up an MB and i'm struggling between the 5'10 thicker vs thinner conundrum. my surfs lately have been split between my 5'6 x 19-1/4 x 2-3/8 hybrid and my 5'10 x 18-3/4 x 2-1/4 epoxy shorty with a relaxed entry rocker. i ride a 6'1 x 2-3/16 flexfire in the winter. i'm 5'9 x 170lbs+ but i'm in solid shape. one of the local shops has the 5'10 thinner model that i groped the other day. it feels good and the thicker model seems in theory too thick to me. i'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat on the thinner version if it wasn't for the majority of the posts on this forum eluding to a trend towards a bit more volume in a guy with my specs. you guys even recommended the guy at 153 lbs check the thinner 5'10 model and i've probably got 20 lbs on him. hesitation is getting the best of me. what are your thoughts.


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              a note on futures...
              2 days ago my 90kg's landed bum first facing backwards on a set of blackstix after a fall out of the top of a 6 footer onto a drained shallow delicate bits rode the leading edge of the back fin while my cheeks splayed the side fins considerably...after checking myself for new holes i found NO DAMAGE to fins or plugs..through experience i can tell you that another leading brand with less pressure would of snapped out and destroyed the plugs AND surrounding board...and still damaged my person...

              yesterday i jumped in and paddled straight over a rock at speed (strong rip) and got knocked off by the impact...both front fins leading edges shredded and gouges along the inside foil with chunks out....NO DAMAGE TO BOXES OR BOARD....they were singing at speed but i still got to have the session...some remedial work and i assume they will be marked but fine...try that with another brand..(again with experience it would not of gone as well..)


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                YEah jammer my response isn't going to have super amped, but I think you are right on the apex between both. you could go either way. The best thing you can do is weight the options and try to make the most informed decisions. I too would have suggested the thicker 510 as you are about 5 lbs lighter than me and I am just a touch too big for the 510.

                That being said, if you have been down in that volume range your whole like and the board didn't set off any alarms in your head when you picked it up, then you may be in a good position to stick with less volume.

                Cheers and hope this helps...


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                  thanks for the feedback. i went with the 5'10 thin anyway. it's perfect and any more thickness for me would be too much. tweaking on this board!!