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What fins do you recomend for the Michel Bourez board?

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  • What fins do you recomend for the Michel Bourez board?

    What fins do you recomend for the Michel Bourez board? Say in my case, the 6'0 thicker version which i'm waiting for... can't wait to get my hand on it! :)

    I'm used to the FCS K3 Fins - Performance Glass, i also like the simon anderson's Medium size (green ones). What is the most similar future fins model to the fcs ones i usually use? 78kg 1.90 mt short stance

    Cheers, all the best!

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    I have tried Futures AM2, WCT, Clay Marzo CM2 and YU's in my Bourez 6'2.

    I would have to say that so far i have enjoyed the YU Techflex fins in this board..........going to try them again today in 4-5ft surf and let you know how they go.


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      Hey Rick, I bought some med Future Tokoros....mainly because that's all the store had. I'm about the same weight as you (i.e. 77kg). I wouldn't mind trying the Black Stix Arakawas too.


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        Hi Fazza How's the MB is working for you? How's the volume of the thin 6'2? Thanks


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          Yeah good stuff folks.

          I ride the Michel 600 thin with the Blackstix EAs and love them. The Blackstix JC1s would also be another suggestion of mine.

          Depends a little on the wave i guess but those two are great all around fins!!

          Cheers and hope this helps.


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            602 thick....techflex eas and honeycomb jcs .....thin mb.....i'll let ya all know in a few hours.....yeeeeeeeeew


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              do so!


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                ea techflex feel a little stiff in the thinner....will try jc hex or both templates in blackstix next....stay tuned


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                  Hey Core how's the thin MB is working for you?


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                    swell hit 8-10ft (real 8-10ft) grabbed a 6'11 few days EPIC for testing BUT my youngest has shared the flu with i type i'm laying in bed attempting to explain to the wife how my man flu is more serious than her wimpy girly sore throat...!....for fans of THE BIG BANG, i'm paranoid and have established a nest....!!! is it moss green or forest green....?????????.....and who's gunna sing "soft kitty" to me..??....


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                      I am actually struggling with the 602 Thinner Bourez.........not sure why but i just cannot seem to get it together either with the right fins or how i am surfing it.

                      I had a 6'4 Taj Pro and love it always had a good surf on that thing in good waves........

                      I have taken my 6'1 Hellrazor and the Bourez out in the same surf with the same fins a couple of times now and had a better surf on the Hellrazor........not sure what i am doing wrong.

                      I tried the Bourez in shoulder high surf and that was the best surf i have had on it.......later that week tried it in punchy well over head surf and rarely made a take off........felt like an old gumby.

                      Got to keep experimenting...............


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                        yeah i clicked straight away with the 604taj...(had to back off the back foot a bit off the top to keep control though)...i only got 2 quick sessions so far on the MB thin...2 ft crap closeouts that didn't give me a chance and then 6 ft bells copy and a left..(until i got out there) the faces turned out to be steep in a strong offshore BUT they were dead curve at all...weird...this kept too much rail in at all times while front footing the wind...very frustrating, didn't get a chance to get on the tail and go for it...did a couple of late slow overhead reo's from a forward position in both directions and got to feel the rocker loop vertically up over and back under my feet...HF or razor would of loved that session......gunna have to wait now until i ride this flu's the wife??...i need vick's rubbed in my chest..............


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                          I am definitely not clicking with the MB..........not sure if it is a fin thing but i don't seem to get any drive or speed out of turns, i don't feel in control on it and it feels completely different under my feet to the Taj and Hellrazor.

                          My first surf on the Hellrazor and Taj was great and has been great ever since but the MB just isn't happening for me yet.


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                            the 602 is not twitchy or sensitive like the taj at all so will require muscle...its designed for MB's brute force...the couple of turns the surf allowed me to push hard through were good...gotta get a good session in...surfed a dodgy rocky freight train point today...late drops bottom turn then fang it down the line until overtaken by the room for turns...not even one...aaaagggghhhh...when am i going to get this thing tested...!!


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                              I got my CBD in March. My sessions on that have been limited. Probably only ridden it around 10 times.
                              Waves have sucked here. You'll get a good day before me...