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    Hi Guys - I ride a 5'11 CC in conditions from 1ft to overhead and it is by far the best board I have had in my 28years of surfing. I'm 75kg's and like some foam under me ... i'd like to get a step-up for down the line head and a half decent surf.

    Ideally I'd love a stretched out CC with less nose, pulled in tail and more rocker .... if I use the board compare .. the best fit is a 6'4 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2 MB.

    It's a perfect overlay and has single concave ... most step-up boards seem to move away from single to double and have a single conc for some reason.

    Before I pull the trigger on this ... any thoughts would be welcome ??



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    thats too big for you.... my 602 x 2 7/16 was still too big when i was over 90 kg.. its volume would of been fine in the shorter 6'0, which is what it was designed for... it requires muscle so you cant ride it over volumed or too long.(it should be ridden 2 inches shorter than your normal shortboard)... for a light guys step up you should look at a more refined shape... the razor's come to mind, or a profilev1.. or my favourite in this style, the tried and true flexfire...


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      Agree. The 6'4 round tail Flexfire is a dreamy step up for guys our size, daz.