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Thicker MB vs Thinner MB

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  • Thicker MB vs Thinner MB

    Just curious on the volume distribution differences in the thicker and thinner MBs. Is the thinner version the same thickness in the rails as the thicker version and just less dome in the deck or is the volume reduced in the rails as well as the centre?
    For instance, the 2 3/8" version, is that comparable to the 2 3/8" Taj or are the rails still as thick as the 2 9/16" version but flatter across the deck?


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    I'm sort of leaning towards the thicker version but then again I have a new found love for thinner boards
    I think my lack of leg strength would have me favoring boards I can overpower rather than being a lazy surfer and using the extra volume to reduce my work load in the water
    I also love the fact that thinner boards are so much easier to duck dive
    Sorry to be off topic in regards to your question Prj


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      I know this is a bit of a thread resurrection but...
      Wondering if you ever found an answer to this PRJ?

      Now that I'm looking at a MB (602), i"m now trying to understand the differences in the thin/thick models

      I'm 6'2" and 88kg


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        The thinner 600 has thicker rails and tail etc than a Taj of the same thickness. Possibly more than a 600 Alternator from what others have posted, but I'm not 100% on that.
        I'm not sure if the thicker version have even bulkier rails or if it's just added volume in the centre.

        This pic might help. Thinner on top.

        From the picture I'd say that thicker has a touch more rail thickness but it's mostly central volume and mainly under the front foot.


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          I have seen both the thick and thin versions in some surf shops and the thicker versions definitely have more chunkier rails.
          The thinner version has a more refined rails and tail ,similar to the Taj but not as sharp
          I have previously owned the thicker 6'0 and struggled to turn it like my Taj
          Too much board for me to over power
          I think Prjwebb summed it up perfectly in another thread when I was deciding on a 5'10 thick or 6'0 thin
          If your short and stocky you should be riding the thicker version but if your tall and skinny you should be on the thin
          Makes perfect sense
          Hope this helps


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            Hey thanks guys.
            So at 88kg and 6'2"

            Would you recommend the 602 Thin (29.8L), 602 Thick (32.4), or... 604 Thin (31.6L)?
            Sorry about the constant questions. I don't have the option of eyeing them off and test riding...


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              I think the MB at your own height is a good pick if it works out.
              What sort of volumes are you currently riding and liking?


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                My go-to board in average or smaller 2-3ft waves is a 602 Dom (but I think I could have gone 600).
                I have a 604 Hellfire and it is waaay too big for me and is on the way out.

                Planning on the MB for really punchy surf where I wouldn't ride the dom. Think Indo and Hawaii...


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                  I reckon the thicker 602 based off the volumes. It's a couple of litres less than the 604 HF but depends how much lower you want to go.
                  For Hawaii and Indo the thinner 604 could be a great option too. I know Dave (corepersonaltraining) is a similar weight to you and jumped on the thick 602 and found it too chunky so dropped to the thinner version. He does ride the 510 Hellfire though....


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                    Thanks for your thoughts :)
                    Yeah, ya gotta be careful comparing rides to guys who ride consistently outside the normal volume ranges.

                    I had trouble turning the 604HF a bit, so the comments about the chunkier rails on the thick MB has me a little concerned. Then again, everyone sees things differently and there is almost certainly a heap of people loving the thick version...

                    So many options...


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                      I expect you could order in a couple and the one you don't want will sell off the rack no problem anyway.


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                        Maybe send Core Personal Trainer a message
                        I think he started on a 6'2 thick and then went down to the 6'2 thin
                        His opinions are always highly regarded (as well as Prjwebb)