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6'0" Michel Bourez thick or thin?

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  • 6'0" Michel Bourez thick or thin?

    Hi - After years of good service I sold my 6'4" Altenator. It was too big for me anyway and I dinged in Mexico so it's a good excuse to update my standard SB. I'm kind of leaning toward the 6'0" MB but I'm not sure about the thick or the thin version. I'm 5'10" and 165 lb (like Kelly Slater just don't quite surf as well as he does, ha, ha) and my standard board in NY/NJ is a 5'10" Spitfire although sometimes I feel I could catch waves with a 5'8" SP just as well. I'm 41 but the gym is paying off and I paddle better today than I ever have. I need a HPSB for when it's steeper and punchier especially on surf trips. I thought the 6'0" MB thick with 30 liters would help the transition from the 34 liter Altenator but I wonder if it makes that much of a difference for catching waves and I might be better off with the thinner board and less foam. Any thoughts?

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    The thinner version is definitely sufficient volume for your weight, but if you're comfortable with a little more volume then the thicker version could well fit you better, especially as you're in thicker rubber in the winter.


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      wow, that was a quick answer - thank you. What do I sacrifice by going with the thicker version?


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        Does the MB perform better in bigger surf than the HellRazor?


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          The thinner one would be more sensitive rail to rail and easier to engage at high speeds. The thicker would be more forgiving but could feel a bit boaty in bigger or faster stuff. As for HellRazor vs MB. I'd say the HZ could be an easier board in bigger surf but not necessarily better. Depends on the waves and how you want to approach them.