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  • MB or Taj?

    Hi guys,

    Looking to complete my quiver of Firewire boards.

    Currently have:

    500 Sweet Potato
    502 Sweet Potato (still trying to decide which of the two sweet potato's to keep)
    505 El Fuego
    508 Hellfire

    As you can see, I don't have a standard short board.

    I'm heading over to the Maldives in August & feel that I should have a board for waves in case they get over head high.

    Which model is better for paddling, MB or Taj?

    I consider my surfing abilities to be in the intermediate range (I can pretty much do everything except airs for the moment).

    I'm 5'9" 175cm & weigh 70 kgs 153 lbs

    Size suggestions for either models as my regular short board?



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    hey Megsy, I think you should go Michel all the way. Think 510 thicker version if you like the way your hellfire floats you and go with the the thinner option if you want a touch less float in your shortboard. Based on your description of your ability and the other boards you are riding, as well as your weight, you might prefer the thinner option.

    does your el fuego float you well??



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      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for your advice. I was leaning more towards MB than the Taj.

      My el fuego is great when i'm on a wave & riding, it just requires a little more paddling to get onto the wave, probably because of it's length.

      Shame about Taj & Firewire's relationship situation.



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        Megsy....don't forget that volume has been your friend!
        The 5'10" MB gives you the same volume as your 5'8" Hellfire and you know how good that board has been for your surfing.
        The Taj to me is such a thin, refined shape that you would always need the"right" conditions for it to truly work for you whereas the MB would be far more versitile over a wider range of conditions.
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          Hey Goanna,

          You're not wrong, I do love my hellfire volume but I think if i'm going to get a board for the head high + (6ft) stuff then maybe the choice is between the either the 5'10" thicker MB or the 6'0" MB(similar volume as 5'8" hellfire 27.7)?


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            i would get after the 510 thicker version of the Michel!!


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              I think you're right Chris. The 5'10" thicker MB could be just what I'm looking for in a standard short board for my FW quiver.


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                Hey chris
                How's your 6'0 Bourez thicker version coming along
                Does it feel like it's too much volume or does it disguise itself really well
                After riding a 25.5 litre board it's sort of changed my train of thought as far as volume goes
                I think riding too many hybrids has made me lazy as well


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                  Hey Wandi,
                  I am not actually going to ride the 600 thicker version, I'll ride the thinner one, though I have only toyed on a demo....don't have my personal yet.


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                    I'm not liking the fact that the MB model isn't coming with FCS plugs.

                    I have at least 6 different models of FCS fins that would be wasted if I got the MB model.

                    Now I'm looking at the 5'11" Hellrazor. I like the fact that it's more of a high performance board than the Hellfire.

                    Also like the fact that the 5'11" Hellrazor has the same volume as my 5'8" Hellfire.

                    Any thoughts on my switch from the 5'10" MB to the 5'11" Hellrazor?


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                      Both boards look super fun. My CBD Taj is pretty close to the MB and its an unreal board, but the Hell Razor looks like a little ripper too.


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                        I think you're spot on there Megsie - looking at your quiver I'd say you'll be covered for any conditions


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                          Originally posted by Chris View Post
                          i would get after the 510 thicker version of the Michel!!
                          Hi i ride as well the 5'8 hellfire and LOVE it!!! at home with my 5/4mm fullsuit on soft to puchy waves.I wonder which thickness to get with the MB 5'10 thick or 5'10 thin i kinda want to different board and want to be able to have the most performance out of the MB when i wear just a 2mm or boardies when travel south.


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                            Bummer to hear Megsy. Michel is a Futures team rider so that is the reasoning there. I really encourage people to try to get over the fin bias, because if you ever find the right board in the perfect weight, shape, volume etc and perhaps want it quickly, its TOTALLY not worth making it hard on yourself as you hold out for one with the right fins. The Hellrazor is EPIC. I love the board, but if the Michel is speaking to you, don't throw that away because of the fin tech...



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                              Hey Mergsy have you tried your Bourez? what was your choice thin or thick?