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  • Michel Bourez Pro Model

    Michel Bourez’s signature model combines speed, power and a tight turning radius in a well balanced high performance shortboard, allowing MB to approach any wave, anywhere, with the unrivaled intensity and power he is renown for. With a 4mm single concave, evenly distributed rocker from nose to tail and our Springer Technology, the MB harnesses aggression and unleashes that energy through intense on-rail maneuvers under or above the lip. If that is you, these boards are it! Ride the MB 1” to 2” shorter than your standard board.


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      Is that available in stores in Australia or just available to order with arrival in a few months
      Either way, can't wait to get my hands on one


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        Hey Wandi,
        You can definitely place an order for this one in AUS. Just get to your local guys and they'll help you out!!



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          Already done
          Thanks Chris


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            Is it possible to post the nose and tail dimensions for the MB 6'0"? Any sense for when it will show up online for comparing to other boards in the "Compare Boards" area of the website?


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              We're working on that now.

              hang in there.


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                Hi there, love the replies to questions in the forum, thank you.

                This might get a bit long, but your thoughts would be much appreciated.
                I'm currently trying to decide between the following as a 3-6ft (6-12ft face?) hollow/powerful wave board. Above that maybe something longer?

                FMB_508Q-03 5' 8" 18 1/4" 2 5/16" squash 24.7
                FMB_510Q-02 5' 10" 18 1/2" 2 5/16" squash 25.8

                The 510 is longer and wider, with another litre of volume.

                Our NZ dealer is really good and has a lot on order, with a 510 demo coming for sure. Not sure on 58 demo though.

                I'm 174cm, 68kg, out 3-5 days a week. Fit and seem fairly intermediate compared to others in water here. Always seem to get fair share of waves but far from expert! Skateboarded for many years.
                3 months ago NZ dealer sorted me out with a 59 fst lost stealth. Mostly using as thruster, from 1-5ft (2-10ft face) sucky or not waves. It's my daily driver. Love the shortness and buoyancy seems plenty. Our NZ waves have push most of the time.
                I also have a 60x18 1/4x2 1/4 Webber slx thruster from ~2002. It's a fairly standard (i think) squash tail hpsb, plenty rocker, double concave, estimated volume 24-25lt. I did almost a year on this board almost exclusively. Seems float same or less than 59 stealth.

                6 months ago I took the Webber to Indo (balian, medewi, lombok, ekas, mawi) and really like it on hollow waves, low width was nice backhand and with lots of rocker always make the drop.
                I had another board similar to the stealth and I liked it on the less sucky/pitching waves. Was shorter (5,9") which I dig but had less rocker and with the extra width (19") got a bit hairy.
                Waves in NZ seem to have just as much power and can get hollow, just mostly sand rather than reef.

                The stealth is great the majority of time, but does feel like a lot of tail in hollower waves if trying to get barreled backside.
                I demo'd a 510 stealth, but found it too 'corky?' when up and riding, just felt like too much board under my feet.

                So... I'm kinda a bit stuck.
                My gut feel is the 510 will be same volume and similar paddle to the stealth, but with more rocker and better holding tail. Almost a no brainer.
                However, the 58 is not much less volume, should feel more 'skateboard' and fit in tighter places even better. I'm really tempted.

                What would I notice between 510 and 58?


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                  After thinking it over and reading all the other posts, pretty much looking at the 510, maybe 60, will demo first and go from there. the extra volume and length should help when the seas are big and paddling back to peak is heavy. It's really 4-6ft+ step up board I'm after. Thanks tho.


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                    5'10" would be my call.


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                        I just mentioned it in a thread a few days ago, but I felt comfortable this past year on a 6'1'' Lost f-1 but sold it a few months ago so I could get the 5'8'' hellfire (which I just got and have enjoyed on waist high waves- still waiting for a decent swell).

                        But I'm also eyeing a 5'11'' Hellrazor or 6'0'' Michael Bourez (27.7L) to have possibly for hurricane season. How would the thinner version of the 6'0'' Michel Bourez or a 5'11'' hellrazor compare to the 6'1'' Lost-F1? Seems like the 600 Michel Bourez has 1L more volume that the 601 F-1 so I wonder if the Bourez would paddle even better than the 601 f-1. OR maybe the 508 hellfire would cover that ground for me?


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                          I'd say they are going to cover similar conditions but will ride very differently.


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                            any more info on how they might ride differently?


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                              The MB is going to ride more like the F1, whereas the Hellfire is more of a hybrid feel. I'd think the Hellrazor will fall somewhere between the two, but closer to the F1/MB.