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what MB size should i ride

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  • what MB size should i ride

    i am interested in adding a MB to compliment my 6'2" dominator for better days around the So Cal huntington/newport area. i consider myself an average surf with better than average fitness surfing approximately three to four days a week. I am 6'3" 190 lb 28 years old. with the mb i would like to work on improving my top to bottom surfing as well as for bigger barreling days around newport jetties when the dominator feels out of place. if it is possible to demo an MB or Hellrazor in the soon future that would be of great assistance. i would be willing to drive anywhere within reason of southern Cal, thanks-

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    I was hoping that someone affiliated with firewire could answer my question please


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      Hey TM,

      Currently the biggest demo fleet is going to be the Rip Curl store in San Clemente, but you might call around locally a little bit as well.