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MB rocker vs the Taj rocker

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  • MB rocker vs the Taj rocker

    How would you compare the rocker of the MB to the Taj, The only thing I am afraid of when getting the MB is getting the same rocker of the Taj. I've checked the board out in the shops, I have my MB all designed in the CBD program waiting to pull the trigger. This is the one thing holding me back is the rocker. I've had a Flexfire, Alternator and Taj. The FF and Alt rockers were good, but the Taj rocker was just too much for me. Knowing that the MB was originally designed off the Taj, I'm worried the rocker is as pronounced.

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    What are the basic dims you put in for the MB CBD
    From memory I think the MB rocker is a little bit more relaxed than the Taj
    But having said that it has a tad more than the flexfire
    The MB doesn't seem to have that wild tail kick


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      The later Taj's seemed to have a slightly toned down rocker than the '09 ones. My CBD seems more relaxed than my old 602 Taj. The MB looks the same as my CBD from comparison.
      I really like that rocker. It makes it effortless to surf in punchy waves but it's a little more forgiving than the old one.
      There's more tail curve than the Flexfire and Alternator still, but it's not quite as pronounced off the back fin as the older Taj rocker.


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        Thanks fellas, its a 6'0" x 19" x 2 3/8" with +1/8 added to the nose width and - 1/4 from the tail. I think the nose is now ~12" and the tail is ~14 1/2" and sits at 28.4Ls. Yeah, I sort of wanted a board that would be a slight step down from my Flexfire and be more like average wave board. I found out that I am not a hybrid guy, I have my Dominator still, but that's about as far as I'd go. I really like HPSB boards and want to stay in that range when picking my step downs from my Flexfire.


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          Hey Guys,

          THe Michel and Taj models have comparable rockers, as Michel based his curve on Taj's but there is a lot more board in the Michel than the Taj. More volume, thickness and area. as a result, the Michel is far more user friendly. Its kind of like blending the Taj and the Alternator....