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Mb vs sub scorcher

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  • Mb vs sub scorcher

    I'm looking for a short board for shoulder to head and a half, sometimes windy, fatter waves. I'm 30 yro, intermediate and surf usually Oahu south shore, maybe north shore 20% of the time. Does anyone have any feed back with either shape for such conditions? I understand the sub can grovel better but which would be more versatile overall?


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    The Sub has a pretty low rocker, especially in the nose. You've also ride it at least 2" shorter than the MB.
    The MB has a full, continuous rocker that fits well in steeper waves but it carries enough thickness to be versatile in smaller waves.
    The Sub might struggle at the top end of your spectrum.

    A good vesatile option could also be the mini driver or hell razor, on the uni brow that is coming next year.


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      Never try a Sub but I have MB 6.0(thick).MB is a hpsb and is better in good shape waves with enough power to go on...if you need a board for windy, fatter waves try an other option good luck..


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        Thanks for the replies. I was frothing over the Mini Driver but should add that this is to compliment a 6'1 elf and I am looking for something to surf top to bottom more. I think someones review mention the mini was more a down the line style board.


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          It's a whole lot more top to bottom than the El Fuego. It's just not going to be quite as tight in the pocket as something with a full performance rocker like the MB.