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do i ride the right board?

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  • do i ride the right board?


    Just got back from my trip on my bourez 5'10 thin and was awesome.Just looking for a winter hi performance boards with the 5/4mm with boots and gloveson mid period point break(12-15sec)usually waist high to head high. Thinking hellrazor or alternator or maybe just longer/thicker MB??
    I put a link for a video of my trip to salavador with my 5'10 thin so you can give me advise according to my skils.
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    yeah the board looked like it had plenty of float for you. i think you are on the right path. as you get home and have to step into a 504, look to beef up your volume a little bit. i am from the state of maine and frequently wear a 5/4 wetsuit and like to step up about 10% in volume for my winter go to boards.

    I know its hard to buy boards for multiple seasons so I think the best thing that you can do is go with your ideal volume on your good wave shortboards, then beef it up a little on your hybrid or average wave shortboard. that should help offset the suit!



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      Hey Bergie, you're a little shorter than me but weigh the same, do you not think you would ride the 5'10 MB with a 5/4 wettie. How do you find the float on that one as you ride pretty much the same boards as me but the MB has a bit less float than the others?

      I looked at the MB thick, and although the right liters, there's no may my puny legs were going to bury those rails so was thinking of the thin version. I tried the 5'11 HR but it felt like a big wave gun compared to the 5'6 spitfire i have.

      I'm thinking less is more with this board and probably better to have it under volume than over?

      Making to many errors with FW's at the moment but want something comfortable in the bigger stuff, the sort of board you know you can grab and feel confident on.


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        HeyBaker sorry for the late reply.

        I sold my MB to my friend in Indo last january cause my airline changed their fees to 200$ per board and Bali staff are though to fool...:/ but the MB thin ride good im early intermediate and i liked it with the full 5/4 still work good but nee the right wave.The rocker is pretty heacy so doesnt really work on our soft break here in north pacific point but was awesome on puchier beach break.Still paddle good and turn on a dime.You look like you have much more experience than me so i will go with the thin.