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Bourez model or F1 Lost model

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  • Bourez model or F1 Lost model

    Lost on which one to get, here is my situation as posted on the other "Alternator" section. I live in Costa Rica and surf mainly Playa Hermosa which usually gets very punchy with good top to bottom barrels when it is on so I want a HP board built for this type of wave. I don't want another hybrid because I already have a 6'4 stelath, but, it is to wide for hollow waves (20 1/2 ) and too thick (38.? L). I love the paddle power and ease of getting into the wave, but, it is too much. I weigh 187 and I am 6'2 so a big guy I suppose and need the extra foam for ease of paddle and getting into the wave earlier (also have bad shoulders, im 42 years young). I like both dimensions on the F1 6'5 19 1/2 x 2 11/16 and also the Bourez is 6'4 19 1/4 x 2 3/4, so almost the same, but, I believe the Bourez would be better because of the volume which is 34.6 compared to the F1 Lost 33.9. The volume calculator says no less than 31 for my shortboard and no more than 37 for the hybrid so the Bourez is right there, what do you all think and maybe your suggestions would be great, thanks all.

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    I'd personally lean towards the Bourez with it being an inch shorter, 1/4" narrower so it'll fit the wave that little bit better.
    Both boards are going to rip though!