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Jacknife vs Activator

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  • Jacknife vs Activator

    They look fairly similar, though I'm thinking the Jacknife might be the slightly more refined board. What are their differences?

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    Jacknife - tweeked Futura - more refined
    Activator - tweaked dominator - more waves

    = tough choice!


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      What is the rocker like between the two.
      I know the Dom has a relatively flat entry rocker...
      I read that the Futura also "lower entry rocker", but not sure how it compares...
      Mahalo for your assistance!


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        I have a Dom and Futura, the base for the Activator and Jacknife respectively. I don't actually think there's an awful lot of difference in the rocker. The Futura/Jacknife would have a bit more nose rocker, but both have a pretty straight rocker. The Futura/Jacknife is, however, a much more refined board overall than a Dom/Activator - much thinner nose and tail and much more sensitive rails.


        • Phill
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          The Jacknife has a nice bit of kick in the tail rocker from what I've seen. If I wasn't completely between sizes that one would interest me.

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        jacknife definitely more refined. Think more in line with the alternator while the activator is more in line with the dominator...