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  • Size?

    Considering a Jacknife, I'm 6 ft, 88kg, intermediate (I guess), 40 yrs and in good shape. Have a 6'2 Quadfish HP which goes great in the smaller stuff. As I'm improving, I'm looking for something leaner for the better waves (autumn/winter). I definitely need a little extra volume - a regular shortboard is not for me.. On the other hand, funboards and "big guy shortboards" are too much foam. We wear thick wetsuits here, and booties and gloves. I'm thinking 6'6, or could I get away with a 6'4? Any advice is appreciated!

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    Hi Lex,

    I have a 6'0 FST JacKnife on order and should arrive in the next few days....haven't ridden one yet but they are quite well foiled and a good wave performance hybrid.

    I would say that a 6'6 JacKnife 39.2ltrs.......I think that going from the Quadfish to the JacKnife in better/bigger waves will help improve your progression.

    Quoting Nev about the JacKnife:
    "The Jacknife is the redo of the Futura achieved by funking out the tail with a wing that reduces area and adds a breakpoint for quick direction, rail-to-rail changes. The most important difference is the contemporary rocker and volume distribution (foil). This is more a high performance hybrid that does not rely on resistance from volume under foot for speed like thicker hybrids, but the sensitivity of curve and foil to encourage surfing not dissimilar to what you'd do on you normal HPSB (high performance short board like the Flexfire/Alternator/Taj model)."

    Bit of a look at The JacKnife outline here:

    Hope that helps a bit?


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      Yeah Lex i think Fazza gives you great advice. the 606 would be my choice as well.

      The good thing about the Jacknife is that it carries a bit of a refined, performance-oriented profile, from nose to tail, so while you are going a little bigger, the design is going to give you a lot of control and precision. Its also going to be advantageous as you gain wait from stepping into thicker wetsuits...

      Cheers and hope this helps


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        Thanks guys - 606 it is! Wouldn't want to go too short. Interesting to hear how your Jacknife goes, Fazza.


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          Will let you know it arrived today and will be picking it up tomorrow from the shop and surf it Thursday unless there is a wave tomorrow arvo.