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  • 5'11 hell of a board

    We'll what can i say, just picked up my new 5'11 HZ and i gotta say the websites don't do this board enough justice.

    Really nice curvy rail line, good flick in the nose for steeper waves and a good amount of foam all the way through, a slight bit of hybrid feel yet with the dynamics of a performance board too. (someone probably already said this somewhere)

    Really can't wait to try this out in some chest/head high waves, looks a really good match for the 5'6 spit too. I was somewhat worried at first as to when i would use one board over the other, but now seeing it in the flesh (RF tech) i think i was probably using the Spitfire in the wrong waves (bigger/hollower ones) not saying it can't handle that sort of stuff but i know the Razor is going to be alot more comfortable and controllable.

    So anyone doubting this board like i did...don't. It's a really nice shape. I imagine will go great with a nice set of K2.1's in. Thanks to the guys at boardshop for being patient with my back and forward choices too!


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    Nice!! I came very close to getting the 511HZ after seeing it in the flesh. Very nice shape, I agree it really stands out when you actually get to hold it. In the end opted for the Mini Driver instead because the HZ was a little too close to a shortboard for what I'm after.


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      Yeah i guess you have the Taj so that's your good day board, soft and big Mini driver, Pot and Spit anything else.
      I'm down your way again in Sept so grab a go on her if your about Porthmeor or Godrevy!


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        Yeah that would be fun! A couple of board swaps would be good. If the waves are decent you can have a few on my CBD Taj.

        Surprised at the size the Potato can handle, so I might sell my Spitfire once I get my Mini Driver. I think I'd regret it if I do though...


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          How did you get the CBD Taj, i was told customs weren't possible in the UK?


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            I did it the long way around and had it picked up from the states and bought over here by a friend. Ended up taking a LONG time but was worth the wait. My favourite board, as long as the waves have a decent bit of push it goes unreal!

            Sounds like the CBD is going to be opened up to the UK soon though I think?


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              Oh okay, i thought there was more to it.

              Yeah i can't see the CBD being an issue here, i guess those boards would come from the same place? just whether people can wait the extra time it takes to produce them.


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                Yeah, I think it'll be a matter of patience.
                From what I can tell, even though shipments are heading over here every month or two, the boards in that shipment are booked up a couple of months ahead of being shipped. That means it could be a case of ordering a CBD, waiting for it to be built and then waiting for the shipment it's been allocated to, then waiting for it to get here and clear customs etc.
                So I imagine it could easily be 4 months. Worth it though!


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                  Yep boardshop's the place to go, good stock and Firewire distubition is next door. Happy days!