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HellRazor vs Sub Scorcher

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  • HellRazor vs Sub Scorcher

    Just curious if any of the HZ owners have ridden a SR? I know you have Chris? How do you think they compare on the smaller wave range? Sub wins? I kind of fancy something in the 510 range with similar performance to the SR but a slightly longer rail line that grovels fairly well. Think too good for the Potato but not quite full shortboard waves. The SR is probably the ticket, but I'm kind of in that place you were (Chris) where I'm starting to prefer a little more rail again.
    I think the 510 SR would fit the bill, but in the 2.31" rather than 2.38". The stock 510 is too much foam for me.
    I'm thinking the HZ is probably too skinny in the nose and tail for 2fters. A 510 with a wider nose and tail would be the ticket I reckon, is the HZ likely to be on the CBD soon? I considered a 510 HF too, but from the sounds of it they aren't the best for smaller waves. I'm thinking chesthigh-ish with some shape, but not necessarily punchy, I'm trying to stay as close to a shortboard shape as possible.
    The other thing I considered was a Alternator at 510 x 19 x 2.31 with a 12.63" nose and 15" tail (at 12"). I think that'd make a good small wave shortboard.

    Just bouncing some ideas around. I really love my SR, but it'd like a touch more length... If I could get the same board but 2" longer....

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    yeah that is the same route I went down a little while ago.

    I actually think FSR 510 might be good. It seems like a little more volume but its really not. If someone handed you the 510 that had no dims written on it, but they told you it was a little thinner and narrower than it actually was, you might believe it and love it.

    I actually think a customized Dom is a great option, but at 2 feet, I am freaking loving my stock dominator. Don't overlook the alternator either...I am finding there to be a great transition from the dom, up to the Alternator...

    That satisfies my need for rail...


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      Yeah I'd like to try the FSR510. I thought it was going to be the size I went for until I felt one up and it just felt like too much board even though the dims seemed right on paper.
      Did you get my email with the Dom file in it? That looks like a lot of fun. I tweaked it to 19.75" wide today and I think that brings it to a nice size. Looks like a good board to me. I was eyeing the Alternator too, but the stock 600 would be a little long for small stuff so it'd mean tweaking a 510..

      The current flat spell is making my new board lust reach an all time high. I know I've got my everyday shortboard dialed now and I know the SP is going to be the business for the <2ft stuff so I'm just going to look at dialling the small wave shortboard next. I think I could stick with the SR and be very happy, but the possibility of a different board going even better is nagging at me.


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        Just noticed I've started two identical titled threads asking basically the same questions in this section but several months apart. At least I'm consistent...


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          Been eyeing one of these up today against a 508 FSR. Looks fairly similar through the mid section and rail volume. The FHZ actually has a thicker tail but more pulled in from 12" or so to the tail block (which is much narrower) and the step down makes the rail area smaller than the FSR in the tail.
          The FHZ has slightly lower but more even tail rocker where the FSR has a flatter rocker with more kick out the tail. The HZR has more nose rocker too which I liked. The volume through the middle seemed similar but the FHZ extends out into that longer slimmer nose. It looked like it had all the tweaks to handle quality waves whilst still having the hybrid characteristics to handle the small stuff.
          The double concave was more subtle than I expected, pretty neutral looking board, it looked nice. I was struggling to put it back on the rack to be honest.
          FSR might be up for sale or in for part ex. Really need to hear more about how the FHZ handles 2-3ft average conditions though.


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            Yeah you are pretty spot on there PRJ. Having ridden both here is my take:

            SR: flatter, shorter and more volume per hint length. As a result, it's faster and likes flatter, slopey waves a lot.

            HZ: more nose to tail rocker, added length, a refined tail but still with a centered wide point. This makes it go better in larger conditions, it happens steep sections and has the sensitivity to hack really hard on a fast, steep section. On a whole, it doesn't require bigger surf to go well, but it does like it to be a but faster than your low end SR conditions. Wide point helps it through flat sections as well.

            Stoked! Hope this helps people.


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              The question is, can I lose the SR, and then have the Potato for 1-2ft, the HZ for 2-4ft average to good stuff and the CBD for 3ft + good conditions. Do you think I'd be lacking anything in that quiver Chris?
              I still have the Spitfire too, but I find it a bit too wide for me really, the HZ appeals to me because it's got all the shortboard qualities as well as the tweaks to handle smaller and weaker waves than a typical HPSB. Just worried it won't have me quite as covered for all conditions...


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                Mate i think you would have all conditions sorted with those boards.

                You really cannot go wrong with the HellRazor i really am loving mine in just about all conditions i have surfed it in......seems to grovel well enough and really come alive is punchy waves of any size.....i haven't had a bad surf on it yet it has been a good almost all-rounder.