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where can i find a hellrazor?

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  • where can i find a hellrazor?

    i am really interested in the hellrazor, but im finding it very difficult to find one to look at in person before i go ahead and order one.
    i live on the northern beaches of sydney, does anyone know where i can find a hellrazor to look at?

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    Rip Curl Narrabeen have a pretty good stock of FWs in, although not sure if they have HZ in or not, was in there today dropping my spit for ding repair but didn't get a chance to go upstairs. They have a small range of demos as well, if you have a bit more time see if natural neccessity down in gerringong have any in your size,they have a massive range of demos and will deduct the demo cost from purchase if you chose to buy.


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      have been to narrabeen, and no hellrazor in there. and not going to spend $200 to order the board and chance i may not like. But thanks for your help.its a shame that firewire dont have a display store where you can view different models.


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        I'd try and talk to the Aus office on the goldie. They may be able to shuffle one around for you?


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          Yeah thanks. Seems like that may be the best solution.