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Hell razor or mini driver or something else for head high + morocco

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  • Hell razor or mini driver or something else for head high + morocco

    Hi I'm off to Morocco in a couple of weeks and can't decide if I need a HPSB for the solid days? And which board to choose! I'm 5'10" and 80kg, pretty fit and an advanced intermediate (weekend warrior) with about 5 years surfing. Most of my surfing is beach breaks in the UK, woolacoombe fistral etc. I can hold my own up to head high in a beach break, but want to be able to approach larger waves on a point break...hopefully! I currently ride a 5'10" Dom and a 6'0" Fred rubble. Just looking for the next step up. I currently like the reviews and sound of the hell razor, mini driver, flex fire and alternator.... Any advice would be ace! Thanks Alex

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    I took a 5'10 mini driver, 6'0 HPSB and 6'4 rounded pin Flexfire to Morocco last year. The MD was great on the points up to a little over head but IMO when there's a proper swell running with a good period you need a lot of board. The guys I with felt that way too opting to ride 6'3s other there everyday boards. When the swell is up there's so much water pulling down the point that you really need that extra length and a little extra volume, plus the waves move through and stand up quick compared to uk waves and unless you're comfortable taking off really late you need that extra board to get in early. I took my Spitfire there a couple of years ago and it was fun for small days at killers but as soon as there was some swell it stayed back at the apartment.


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      Thanks phill, I think I'd be fine on my Fred rubble until about head high, so maybe i should be looking at a flex fire/ hell razor in about 6'3"? Is the hell razor suited to this kind of size? As I don't need it for anything for less than head high....


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        A 6'2 round tail Alternator could be a good choice for you.
        I think the 6'3 HellRazor could be a bit chunky for you but if it feels good...maybe.

        The Flexfires are super needley and refined so it depends how confident you are on those types of boards.