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Another board/size recommendation thread. Boards for sucky/pitchy/fast breaks.

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  • Another board/size recommendation thread. Boards for sucky/pitchy/fast breaks.


    Basics: Early 30s, 80kg/176lbs , 187cm/6'2 tall
    Level: Beginner
    Current surfboards: 6'4 DOM and 6'6 ADD
    Location: NSW Australia and odd trip to Indo.

    The 6'4 DOM has been my main surfboard for over 6 months now and I have been very happy with it. Mainly been surfing on smaller days (nothing bigger then head high) just getting better at the basic stuff.

    Just recently I picked up a 6'6 ADD and I had GREAT fun skating along waves today :) Very stoked. Much more stability then the DOM. Making turns and just longer rides so much easier.

    However, paddling was not easier at all. Even with the bigger volume. It worked great when i had a good few seconds to paddle in early.. but seems to me the board sits so 'high' up in the water making last second decisions much more difficult then on the less buoyant DOM.

    What I love with the DOM is that it allows me to take those pretty late drops.. if there is enough power in the wave I don't have to paddle that much , few strokes and just press my chest down and away we go :) Unfortunately I lack any scientifical explanation other them my feeling.

    Now to the big questions. Loving how much fun i had on the 6'6 ADD on small/crumbly/choppy and blown out waves.. I would want to keep it as my 'small wave board' .

    Now the DOM with the low rocker is suppose to be a small wave board as well, so it feels rather redundant ..however its way easier to take off compared to the ADD in sucky waves.

    So what board would be best for me if I want to keep the ADD and have a second board for bigger and cleaner days. Especially with emphasis on fast and sucky beach breaks ? and those small tube formed waves that are 3-6ft :) I never had a chance to learn to duck dive with these big hybrid boards so having a proper short board might be nice for those days.

    Is this a pure question of (or lack off) skill ? Should I be able to surf these fast breaks with high volume boards or are there better alternatives ?

    The 41 liters of foam in the DOM still feelt like plenty (Rapid Fire) .. so I'm thinking I could get away with around 35 for the steeper waves.

    Would the Hellrazor be a good beginner shortboard for someone that really wants to learn surfing faster breaks ?

    Thanks for awesome boards and great forum :)

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    I'd look at a hellfire, unibrow, or mini driver. All will paddle well and catch waves easily. Perhaps even an alternator.


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      I think the Unibrow would give you that familiar feel of the Dominator, but with the refinement and benefits that you are looking for. Maybe in the 6'4 range. You could go 6'2 if you want a challenge.


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        Thanks guys!

        Looks like I'm keeping the 6'6 ADD and downsizing the DOM to a 6'2 UB for those nicer days..

        Mini Driver seems to be the other option to UB .. Anyone surfed both these boards and can tell me how they compare ?

        The new V2 Rocket would be to much of an overlap with the DOM and probably struggle with bigger waves ?


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          Amongst others I am riding a 6'0" MD and a 5'11" UB. The MD was designed specifically for barrelling Indo waves. The UB for small everyday average conditions, but can still deal with a decent wave. MD has foam under your chest to paddle in early, and less thru the tail to help hold in the steeper sections. The UB has a bit more foam into the nose and I think more evenly spread throughout the board. It uses a deep concave up front to help get you moving early. The MD also has a little more rocker at each end. I think while the MD is suited to a higher performance wave, it also have a more 'neutral' feel. The bottom contours are not so busy, which for me means less buttons to operate. Hope you get to try them both out.


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            ur 6'6 ADD can handle a lot of the breaks most surfers enjoy. by no means is it a "Pipeline" board, but i've had some 4'-6' days w my 9'0 there so i know the ADD can handle, but due to massive crowds i havent surfed there in a long time. u just gotta get in earlier w the ADD. as far as catching punchier waves, any squash or round pin Hybrid or HP w nose and tail rocker will work. most of it will depend on how big or small u want to go


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              I like my HZ a lot. I think it is an easy board to surf but that's with 40+ years under my belt, but it still seems to me a board that you could step onto from a Dom. The HF and MD would still be good choices too. The HF is very easy to get along with coming from a spitfire or dominator it still has thicker rails and will feel quite forgiving like the dom. The HZ has more refined rails which means it is more sensitive and will catch easier if you make a mistake but it is just a matter of calibrating your own sensitivity to match the board's. That may be easier said than done but once you do the advantage is better speed generation and rail control in decent waves. The question is are you ready to make that step, if you are not you could end up having a lot of bad surfs, catching rails and missing the pocket as it flies away from you leaving you in the wash and not making a lot of waves - euphemistically referred to as a steeper learning curve! Still, once you come out the other side of it you'll see the benefits. The safer bet though is one of the other boards you're already contemplating.

              I have not surfed the UB but I have had a go on Goanna's MD and found it just as Sarge described it with a fairly neutral feel about it. Looking at the V2 Rocket it reminds me a lot of my spitfire and probably surfs similarly - the spit surfs like the dom but is a bit looser and quicker turning. If you can get down to the shops and demo the boards, most FW dealers have demo boards available.