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Hellrazor vs. Alternator

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  • Hellrazor vs. Alternator

    How does the hellrazor compare to the alternator?? hard to get a feel for these boards just by looking at em online..

    liked how the alt. rode and i like the look of the hellrazor as well as the mb.. so ride/performance/wave size it can handle.. how do they compare?

    chris i think you may be the only one who's ridden both at this point.. thanks! want to order a board soon!

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    Yes I have same question as width length and volumes are almost the same, in fact I need a slightly longer hell razor to get same volume as my alt 6'8.


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      Yeah first of all, when choosing your hellfire, disregard the 1" shorter than your shot board because a lot of us have been going shorter lately. The smarter way to choose a hellrazor is based on volume.

      Also for this comparison, lets create a steepness scale, 10 being Lance's Right and 1 being Waikiki. Also all boards being compared are square/squash.

      So lets compare:

      The Alternator: It has the least tail rocker and rides that way. Fast when compared to the MB/HZ. The bump squash also adds to this and the board sits high on the water when you get moving. Its a great one board quiver, though, as its highly versatile and has no progressive limitation. Surfs as well as the user can make it go. Think all conditions, but has a sweet spot in the steepness range of 4-7. For wave size, go waist high to a couple feet overhead.

      The Michel Bourez: This is a beefed up Taj essentially. Added width and thickness over a high-performance rocker profile. This board has no bump, a continuous rail curve so it handles speed and power with ease. Don't be fooled, however, as it grovels well as long as the surf has a little punch. Think steepness sweet spot from 6-10. Ride it in fun beach break to hollow reef break. Remember, the thickness allows you to ride it shorter so grab this board based on volume preferences.... I am 6'0, 175 and I like the 600 thinner option. Ride in waist to overhead and a half.

      The Hellrazor: This is a HIGH PERFORMANCE board that started as a hybrid and had rocker added, a little width and some thickness taken away. you DO NOT need thickness with this one as its for better surf and the surface area brought on by the added width gives the board added versatility. IT RIPS, in waist to over head, has 5 fin boxes and lets you go a little wider which means more speed at lower volume even though there is enough curve to really jam on. I find it as easy to ride as my alternator, but has more control at higher speed.

      hope this helps


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        yeah def chris thanks!

        such a toss up between the mb and the hellrazor..


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          chris do you think the hellrazor has a better low range then the mb? 6'0 thin version mb versus the 6'1 hellrazor? i don't think i'd want to go with the 5'11 hellrazor


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            and you forgot to rate the steepness range for the hellrazor. :)


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              I just saw a Hell Razor at a shop in Oahu ( a 5-11 ) and I have to say, I am thinking about it really hard (as a 6-7) but want to see it in person. It has a Suttle forgiving concave bottom compared to the Hell Fire. about the same nose rocker as the Hell Fire, and a touch + more Tail rocker than the Alternator.

              I am torn between the MB, the Hell Razor and the Activator.
              I can only get one board for the summer Season coming soon.. Probably going Activator if the Swallow/tail is tighter than the Quadrafive...
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                hey Fritzkat, all good models, look at the Activator to have the most Hybrid-like feel of the three models mentioned.

                The Hellrazor is a great high performance option for someone looking for 5-finboxes, a little extra width and slightly less volume than the Michel. The hybrid DNA is in the over all width, but it is also a little thinner so you aren't fighting a lot of board.

                The Michel is the perfect board for someone with progressive power looking for a traditional high performance thruster feeling. A little more beef means ride it a touch shorter.


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                  Here is a link to a picture of a comparison between a Hellfire, Alternator and the Hellrazor side by side and the rockers.



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                    Got to say, I love the outline of the Alternator. That with a touch more rocker I'd be all over!


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                      nice thanks for the compared shots


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                        yeah kdropin the Alternator really rides flatter than the other 2...


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                          Sounds to me then that the HR is the better choice over the Alt.

                          I was thinking for my next foray to Indo I'd take a 6'7" HR to replace my 6'8" AF2 both about the same volume but the HR has the tri-quad option. This would be for up to double overhead, don't think I'm ever going to be up for triple overhead anymore.

                          6'5" is my correct size but I figure a bit more volume might help get in early, would it work like that?


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                            I'd like the put the Alts tail shape on the HZ. Those sharp corners worry me, otherwise I love that outline.