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Removing paint from a Fw Chris or anyone else advice?

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  • Removing paint from a Fw Chris or anyone else advice?

    Just got a 6'1 h razor from a friend board is in great shape but has been painted and has permanent marker on deck, looking for advice on how to remove the paint, tried paint thinner, feels like it will take forever, will paint remover be ok or will it damage the board?


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    Depending on how thoroughly the board was prepped before painting you can sometimes scrape the paint off (carefully). If its well keyed I think sanding it off is about the only option. It's a pain in the ass.


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      I've used acetone and even wet sand paper to remove paint from an FST. It works, but it will also dull the finish a bit.


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        If you have a well ventilated area or at least a "solvent vapor rated 3M cartridge style mask" try some lacquer thinner if the paint is an enamel. I think it will also dissolve a lacquer rattle can paint job. I wouldn't keep it "wetted" down for too long or it may dissolve the epoxy resin eventually.