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Loving my 6'1" hellrazor

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  • Loving my 6'1" hellrazor

    I snagged a new 6'1" hellrazor about three weeks ago and felt compelled to write a review. I'm absolutely loving this board. At 29.1 L I was worried it might be a little low volume for me (I'm 6'0" and 193 lbs /88 kg) but I've found it actually gets into waves quite easily and goes crazy fast for a hp thruster. The extra width in the center of the board keeps it from bogging in flat sections, while the pulled in nose and tail keep it from catching rail when doing turns in the pocket. I also really like the stepped down rail on the tail, which makes the board feel super sensitive and precise.

    Compared with my old 6'2" X 19" X 2 1/2" alternator, the hellrazor has a little less nose and tail rocker, but seems to handle steep take-offs as well or better. It's also noticeably faster. I think the nose and tail widths (at 12") are about the same on the boards, but the extra width in the center of the hellrazor gives it a little more planing surface.

    Another thing I'm digging about the board is the thickness (2 5/16") which really makes it feel lively. I normally ride boards around 2 1/2", so I'm really enjoying the extra flex from riding a thinner board. It seems to really load up flex when pushing through a turn and then spring back like a bow and arrow.

    I've been riding the hellrazor mostly at El Porto from thigh high to a couple feet overhead and it handles everything well. It could pretty much be a one board quiver for me. The only times it hasn't felt great was in soft and mushy surf.

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    makes me think i could easily handle the 5'11 at 165. and keep the 6'1 for winter.. itll b that or the 5'9 5'10 cc at the moment


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      Yeah I would think that at 165 you could probably do the 5'11". I tend to ride fairly low volume boards for my weight though, so it depends on your preference. I normally ride boards in the 30L - 31L range, so my hellrazor is about 5% less volume than normal for me. I feel like the extra surface area through the center of the board helps compensate for the lower volume.
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