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HZR as step-up from an El Fuego? Size?

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  • HZR as step-up from an El Fuego? Size?

    I bought a 5'11 FST El Fuego about a year ago and I absolutely love it. It's been out in everything from double overhead(ish) points to crummy onshore 2-3ft sloppy days. It's pretty close to a one-board quiver for my style of surfing and is easily the best board I've ever owned.

    But.... it does have it's limits: I've managed to slide it out on more powerful waves or when really cranking a turn. Take offs also get a bit sketchy on hollow, powerful waves. So, to complete my quiver, (currently 5"10 retro fish for really small, 5'11 EF, and then a 6"6 pin as my 'safety' board (ie when I get scared)) I was looking at getting a more high performance board - with the Hellrazor (HZR) top of the list.

    Does it sound like the right board for when the waves are starting to get a bit too good for an EF (ie hollow, shoulder-head high plus)?

    Another issue is size. I weigh just over 11 stone (about 160lbs) and I think one of the reasons the EF might be a bit slidy and corky on some turns is it's bordering on the large size for me at 32ltrs. I was looking at either the 6'1 or the 5'11 HZR to downsize the litreage - any advice on which might be better given what I want to use it for?

    Any advice much appreciated pronto, as am off to Sumatra in a month and either need to suck it up and try to use the EF and 6'6, or shell out for the HZR as the go-to board.
    Thanks in advance...

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    I think I'd go with the 6'1, even if it is a litre more than your optimum, it is a refined board and I don't think it will hurt. It might even give you some extra paddle power to get in early if Sumatra is pumping.


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      511 EF = 601 Razor for SURE!!! good call slowman.