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Hellrazor v. Hellfire

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  • Hellrazor v. Hellfire

    I am hoping there are people who can shed some light on the performance differences between a Hellfire and a Hellrazor.
    Currently I have been riding a 5'6 Hellfire since September. My skills keep progressing and I have been working way down in size and volume. I think I am near the ideal volume for my weight & height, skills will continue to improve and I want my surfing to progress.
    My Hellfire floats me well and I can get into waves good. Shortcomings are paddle strength (due to not getting out enough in the Winter and wave judgement). Surf SoCal in mainly knee to head high waves.
    I am intrigued with the Hellrazor and have ridden a 5'9 but it felt too long and maybe a bit much volume.
    At times my Hellfire feels a little thick in the rails and possibly the tail.
    I also tried a 5'8 MB (thin) and it floated me fine, paddle pretty easily but not as easy to catch waves as my HF.
    As I have read the HF has a more noticeable double concave whereas the HZ doesn't. What effect will this have on how the board paddles, rides, etc?
    Also sounds like the tail is thinner on the does this translate in performance?

    If I bought a HZ it would be a 5'7 which is 1/8" thinner and has 1.8L less volume than my HF.
    When I put the 5'7 HZ under my arm it feels so good but I am struggling with pulling the trigger on another $650 board.

    Any help and feedback is appreciated.

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    Hey Delmar, this subject has been fully aired here on this thread


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      Hmmm, you're the last poster on that thread!


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        Very good, Slowman. Thanks for your help???
        Unfortunately, I don't see where either of the two questions I just posed were answered. So let's try again.
        As I have read the HF has a more noticeable double concave whereas the HZ doesn't. What effect will this have on how the board paddles, rides, etc?
        Also sounds like the tail is thinner on the does this translate in performance?


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          sorry mate but I think you can extrapolate the answers from some of the info on the thread...seems like the HZ is a good paddler and a better performer, can't give you a firsthand comparison...yet


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            Hey Delmar
            I have both boards and I love them both in different ways.

            My 6'0 HF is a bit on the higher side of my volume range and a great all round board, more suited to a bit less steep and hollow waves I think because less rocker, but a great all round board as quad or tri.

            I have a 6'1 and 6'3 HZ and absolutely love them both. The HZ is a realy easy board to surf, it just seems to do whatever you ask of it with great speed and feel. Better than the HF in hollower steeper waves. Good in weaker waves too but you would ideally want a different board for those days especially if the HZ is on low side of your ideal volume.

            So both great boards, but if I were you I would definitely go the Razor.


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              Hey savagebee,
              Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. Can I trouble you for some feedback, pleeeeease.
              The volume on your HF might be on the high end volume for you. My situation is very similar volume-wise between my HF (24.5L) and the 5'7 HZ (22.7L) I am considering and I am trying to get a better handle on the differences in surfing these two boards, especially with the drop in volume.
              When you say the HZ is a really easy board to surf...why is that/what does that mean? Do you find it easier to surf than the HF?
              How does your 6'1 HZ paddle compared to your HF?
              Is it possible that some of it has to do with the flattening of the concaves?
              Just trying to make sense of all this before I drop another $650 on a board.

              Ideally in time I will have multiple boards to cover me in most conditions.
              But in the meantime even though it's not a groveler, and I don't intend it to be, can your 6'1 HZ handle and get into waves that are in the thigh to waist range if need be?


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                Hey savagebee, wanted to ask how you like your spitfire, compared to the hellfire, nice quiver mate.


                5'2 sp looking for either spitfire, hf or hr


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                  Mcruz, I'll throw my two cents in on this as well since I sold my Spitfire to get a Hellfire.
                  The SF was easier to catch waves on and seemed like it had a bit less rocker in the nose but overall I like the Hellfire more.
                  The HF isn't as chunky in the rails & tail and is a more manueverable board, however, it's made to go in better waves than the SF.
                  Unfortunately, I bought one size too large in the SF so that didn't help my experience with it.


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                    If you get the right sized spitfire it can be a very manoeuverable board. HF as intended goes better in better waves and the spit has its limits in hollow waves it doesn't like steep takeoffs much. My spit is quite manoeuverable and really a great board to ride in average to weak waves. Certainly great for crowds too as it picks up waves easily.