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Hellrazor vers Alternator (again)

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  • Hellrazor vers Alternator (again)

    Hi Guys

    I am going to buy either a 6'8" Alternator or 6'9" Hellrazor

    Already own 6'6" Alternator, 6'6" Hellfire and 6'10" flexfire. I surf the Hellfire mostly these days but there are a couple of local waves that I surf occasionally where I catch the shoulder or nose of the board and would like some thing with a little more rocker, 40 litre volume seems to be the sweet spot for me at the moment paddling wise.

    Unfortunately these days I have to sacrifice length for wave count, fortunately I get to surf Western Australian waves so extra length is not really a big problem as I age.

    Having had Firewires for awhile I am confident both boards will go well just want to split the hairs.

    My questions are when comparing the two boards which has more rocker in the tail and nose.

    If the Hellrazor comes from the Hellfire will the Razor have less tail rocker and a slightly flatter bottom overall than the Alternator.

    Would the Hellrazor paddle a little easier than the Alternator.

    Or is it the other way round.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I felt up a Hellrazor at my local shop and the rocker looked about the same as my HF - though that's hardly a precise comparison. From what I've read though it paddles into waves well. I'll probably get one soon, autumn, then I can do a real comparison.


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      focus i would think the Alternator would help with those steeper, nose catching waves??


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        Thanks for the feed back guys