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Hellrazor vs bourez vs quadraflex

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  • Hellrazor vs bourez vs quadraflex

    I have a old 6'0" quadraflex, its the older thinner model. Its four years old but it still rides great. I also have a 5'8" dominator and a 6'2" flyer 2 tufflite which I dont like to ride unless i have to. It has become my step up. I dont really have a performance thruster.

    I was thinking about getting a hellrazor for the better socal days and salt creek and trestles. I just don't know if it will be to similar to my quadraflex. seeing as a do have my quad i don't know if I should get a bourez or a hellrazor. I like the 5 fin option but i do need a solid thurster as well.

    I weigh 175 pounds I'm 5'10". I was also thinking of getting the razor selling my tufflite and quadraflex and getting a used gun. Any thoughts would be taken gladly, thanks.

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    I guess another question I have is what size to get. My dom is a 5'8" and my quadra is 6'0" and 26.9 litters. The Quadraflex is fun to surf but i would not go any smaller. What size hellrazor would be best, if I got the 6'1" would I feel like I had to much board and a loss of performance?


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      i ride a 5'8 dom and have a 6'1 razor...u might b able to go 5'11 for socal but i'll let chris answer that one


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        hey Saxman,
        at your weight and height, and given the boards that you have, I think the best option and most versatile board is going to be the 600 Michel in the thinner option. So long as you are comfortable riding your quadraflex, volume wise, the 600 michel is going to be the one that give your performance and still versatility while opening your quiver up the most.



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          Thanks Chris, I was thinking along the same lines after looking at the boards more.

          This last run of good south swell I rode my quadraflex a lot. I used to think the board was on its way out but I was dealing with some injuries and I wasn't surfing my best. The quadrflex rode as well as I could ask of it. I made sections that most people couldn't dream of and I caught plenty of waves. Even though it is on the small side for me it paddles well and gets into waves just fine. The only weakness the board has is I just can't go as hard off the bottom as i would like at times and when you go into a cut back at speed it can be very tricky.

          The Bourez will have more volume so it should fell great to me. I will be getting one in the next week or so. I'm hoping they have one at the rip curl store in San Clemente. I plan on getting some H3s to try out on it. What would you consider to be the upper and lower limits of the Bourez as far as wave size goes? At trestles it can be as big as it gets and I will still ride my 6'0" quadraflex. At creek when it gets a couple feet overhead and square the quadraflex is hard to get into the waves on. As much as I know I would love the Hellrazor I think it has to much cross over with the quadraflex while the Bourez can take me a lot farther.

          The quadraflex really blew me away the other day. I haven't been on it in a year, recovering from shoulder surgery. This board comes of the top like a champ. I have done some of my biggest snaps on this board with ease. I can't wait to try the Bourez out!