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  • Hellrazor in Fiji

    Just back from an awesome trip to Fiji. I took 4 boards Spit 508, Hellfire 600, Hellrazor 603 and a Chilli 608 step up which I bought last minute due to big swell forecast. Surfed mostly cloudbreak with also a couple of epic Restaurants sessions, had some awesome waves!

    I used the razor most of the time, except for some 8 foot plus cloudbreak sessions where the step up came into its own. Razor was awesome in the 3 to 6 feet fast and powerful waves! I tried Solus tri, SA quad, wct tri, but definitely liked the AM2 the best for these conditions. Excellent speed and drive out of turns and good powerful pivots when you wanted it.

    My brother used my 600 Hellfire quite a bit and loved it, also preferred the AM2 fins. The spit only had one outing in medium size swimming pools rasta quad with nubster - did not enjoy it in these conditions, too pivotty and not fast enough but may have been an off session.

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    Sounds like an epic trip. I hope you have some pics to share! :D


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      pictures or it never happened! Just jealous.


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        Here are some. Photos by Joli who we were lucky enough to have as resort photographer for the week.


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          Awesome shots. That bottom turn under the barrel is a real nice photo!


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            Nice...looks like a family holiday is on order!


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              I see you have a 6'1 and a 6'3 Hellrazor (in your signature). We're about the same size. How do they compare, and why do you have both? How does the volume, paddle and getting into waves compare to the 5'8 Spitfire.

              I want to replace my RF Alternator with something in FST, and I think that the Hellrazor might be a good board. Would like to keep the board as short as possible, but I'm not sure about the volume in the 6'1 HZ.... I've never had a board under 30L, and I think that 31-32 liters is good for my ability and the conditions I surf.... but the width of the HZ might compensate for the lower volume, compared to my 6'2 Alternator (6'2x19x2.5 and 31.3L).
              (I surf in a 4/3 or a 5.4 wetsuit + boots/hood/glove)

              btw, to all coldwater surfers:
              The Xcel Infinity Drylock Power Seam 5/4 has replaced my 6/5/4 suit. Tried it 3-4 times, and it's actually too warm to use at the moment... I get exhausted because the suit is so warm... hope it will work in the middle of winter as well, but after 2-3 hours of surf the suit was almost completely dry on the inside... so it's looking very promising!:)
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                I think Potato-nator + Hell Razor could be a great two board quiver. Not sure if I would get rid of the Sweet potato though, it's so much fun in the right conditions!:)


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                  I see you have a 6'1 and a 6'3 Hellrazor (in your signature). We're about the same size. How do they compare, and why do you have both? How does the volume, paddle and getting into waves compare to the 5'8 Spitfire.

                  Hey Erling. Sorry for the late reply, hadn't checked this thread in a while. I originally bought the 6'1 Hellrazor and really liked it although was concerned it might be a bit on the small side for me. Then on only about my 6th surf it broke (bottom laminate snapped, deck okay). Long story but was not manufacturing defect but FireWire agreed to give me a really good deal on a replacement. Decided to try the 6'3 because wanted it for bigger waves and bit better paddling for Fiji trip. Really liked this board in Fiji. Meanwhile I got the 6'1 repaired and didn't take to Fiji because still at repairer. Great job on the repair I honestly can tell no difference surfing it. If I had to choose I would pick the 6'1 because I think for the appropriate waves for this board (3 to 6 foot with some power) the board is big enough and turns better at high speed (6'3 can spin out at high speed due to extra float). The difference in paddling between the 6'1 and 6'3 is very little and I think the way it surfs is more important. Paddling and catching waves feels pretty similar to the 5'8 spitfire, less volume but the extra length compensates for that I think.

                  So my advice for you is go the 6'1 fst Hellrazor :)